How To Lock Your Facebook Profile?

Lock Your Facebook Profile: Social media is full of people unknown to you and anyone can easily access your pictures and thoughts. Facebook is one such place and if you want to secure your information and pictures, you might want to lock your profile.

If you are not into technical stuff, you need a guide to lock your Facebook profile. However, there are a lot of easy ways to lock your social media profiles and it won’t take you long. So, let’s get started with the guide to help you lock your Facebook profile easily –

Procedure to Lock Your Facebook Profile

Lock your Facebook profile in 4 easy steps

Step #1: Install Facebook on your Android phone or you can use your browser to log into your account. It is better if you use the mobile application version on your phone as it has a pretty easy to use UI.

Step #2: Once you have logged into your account, you will come across the feed. Click on your profile and open it to move on to the next step.

Step #3: Now that you are on your profile, you will see a few options to edit settings and all other things in your profile. Find “more” with three horizontal dots just under your profile picture. You can use the picture mentioned below for reference to do it step by step.


Step #4: After the last step, you just have to choose ‘lock profile’ from the new tray that opens up. You can use other options such as activity log, privacy settings, search profile, lock profile, stories, and check out your saved items. However, to lock your profile, click on the tab and it will lock it in a few seconds.

Lock profile

Step #5: Hooray! You are done locking your Facebook profile. If you come across a confirmation tab to lock your profile, then just tap ‘yes’, and that’s all.

If you want to explore more options regarding the Facebook locking feature, you can explore it by clicking on the ‘how it works’ option. This will give you a brief tutorial of how it all works and you can also have a preview of your profile. After locking, someone who isn’t added to your friend list, will not be able to see your profile pictures and personal information. You can add more privacy to your posts, videos, and other things on your feed.

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Why is it important to lock your Social Media Profile?

As discussed earlier, you end up leaking your personal information on social media which anyone can use for awful purposes. So, it is better to lock your profile and it will provide you with plenty of benefits. There are other many privacy shortcuts too which you can use to hide personal information. You cannot trust anyone on the internet and in the pool of the internet, there are negatives and positives. So, it is better to stay safe from such awful things. Here’s what it will do to your profile –

1) Hidden Profile Picture

People on the internet often take screenshots or use third-party websites to download profile pictures they want to misuse. When you lock your profile on Facebook, such things won’t happen as the picture will not open and one cannot view it in full size.

2) Secures Personal Information

Your date of birth, your birthplace, and your current city can tell a lot about you. If you don’t want a stranger to know about it, you can secure your personal information by following a few steps as mentioned in the section above. This will hide all such information but your friends on Facebook will be able to access it. You can hide your information from them by using privacy shortcuts in your account’s settings.


All in all, the internet is not a safe place and if you keep your social media updated with various types of information, you need to secure it. There are many ways in which you can do it and the steps are pretty easy. Be it Instagram or Facebook, there are privacy features available on all such web apps. You just have to take a look around in settings and set up your account accordingly.

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