Golf Rival Tips To Become A Pro Player (Complete Guide)

Golf rival is a popular game among golf enthusiasts and has established itself in recent times. If you are a golf lover then we are sure you must have played the game, if not then we definitely recommend you try it out! It is basically an online 1vs1 multiplayer game.

The game has tried its best to make game look realistic with high-quality graphics. It is not very difficult to play, to launch the ball all you gotta do is swipe on the screen in the right direction. The lush green golf course and real-looking gameplay will definitely be loved by any golf lover. We’re sure you’ll soon get addicted to this cool-looking game.

The mechanism of the game is simple to understand and through its recent updates, it has just been getting better and better. The game also lets you select the area of your choice. With the ongoing COVID 19 lockdown golf enthusiasts are locked indoors and are unable to go to their loved golf courses. With the online game, you can experience surreal golf gameplay and enjoy playing your favorite from the safety of your home! Today let us explore more about the game and learn about a few cool tips and strategies that will help you get better at the game!

#1. Balance the moving bar

This is the most important and helpful thing to do and can help you become an expert at the game very soon. This basically helps you to increase your shot’s accuracy. Increasing the accuracy helps you strike the ball to the correct distance and leads you to score more and more. You should strike exactly when the bar is in the middle so your shot is precisely on target.

#2. Plan where you want to land

Planning in advance is very important while playing golf rivals. If you play the game Without having a definite plan, then it’s likely that you will not be succeeding in winning the game. Set the perfect pitch and don’t aim too far. Aim with as much power as required. If you apply too much power then it is very likely that the ball will bounce off the ground and roll into the rough. Hence, you should be taking extra care of the applied power and plan everything in advance. If you land into rough terrain, getting the ball out of it will be extremely difficult and finally, you will end up losing or will give up out of agitation.

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#3. Increase your game time

If you are genuinely interested in the game then it’s simple, you should increase the number of hours you dedicate to the game. The more you play, the better you get at it. As we know an old saying which almost everyone would have heard some of the other time, “practice makes a man perfect”. The game abides by the same rule. As you practice more, you gain experience in the game and as you gain experience, you become better. So this is a basic yet very important tip. Try to play as much as you can, this will definitely help you to become a pro player as soon as possible.

#4. Try to take fewer shots

Keep in mind that you should try your level best to take the least number of shots as possible. The main point of the game is to beat your rival and if you take fewer shots when compared to your rival, your chance of winning improves drastically! Plan before taking every single shot. Plan In such a way that you get close to the hole without taking many shots. Apply the perfect amount of power required to get near the hole. So fewer the shots you take, the higher are the chances of winning against your rival!

#5. The sky’s the limit: aim as high as possible!

“Sky is the limit” we have often heard this famous saying whenever someone has tried to motivate us. The saying is very much true and stands its ground even in the game. When you are playing golf rivals, before taking the shot, the game always shows you the estimated distance you can hit the ball till. However, the projected estimated distance is not always true, you can also exceed it. When the pin is far from the spot you are at, you should aim as high as possible and get the nearest you can to the pin. So by aiming higher, the chances of hitting the ball to the farthest distance possible increase. With increased chances of going further, you will need lesser shots to reach the pin. The fewer are the shots, the higher are the chances of winning against your rival!

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#6. Hit the ball as hard as you can

Try to hit the ball with as much force as you can. Hitting the ball hard would help you to hit it as far as possible. To hit it hard you must drag your golf stick as further back as possible. Dragging the golf stick backward to its maximum limit would help you to apply the maximum power. Higher is the power, further, you can hit. Timing is also very important, only applying power will not help, you need to time your shot perfectly at the right moment. With the maximum power and perfect timing, you can hit the ball the farthest possible!

#7. Keep in mind the power of the wind

Wind can play a key factor in determining whether you get to the pin or not. When the wind is in the direction of your shot, then you will require lesser power on your shot as the wind would add extra force. applying too much force with the wind being in the direction would lead you to miss your aim and the ball would land into rough terrain. However, if the wind is in the opposite direction then you would need extra force to land in the desired spot. The wind will oppose the motion of the ball and hence the power needed would be more along with perfect timing. Hence, it is very important to keep the wind factor in mind and take the shot accordingly.

#8. Use golf ball according to the wind and terrain condition

As you progress further in the game and level up, you unlock different kinds of balls. This would help you to negate the wind factor. The balls differ in size and weight. Using balls like the viper ball will be helpful in rough terrain conditions as they would give you added power. To negate the wind effect, you can use the “bat balls”. This would considerably help to decrease the effect of wind on your shot and help stabilize the ball when it is in the air.

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With these 8 useful tips, we would like to conclude our article. They will definitely help you become a better player and increase your experience, helping you to level up quickly! Happy golfing!

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