Bleach Immortal Soul Codes For September 2022

Hey, fighters! Welcome to our updated list of all the Bleach Immortal Soul Codes. Get these codes to redeem some instant gold and other rewards. But before we move onto our updated list of Bleach Immortal Soul Codes, let’s talk a little about the game introduction for beginners. Yes, if you know it very well and here only for codes, you can skip this introduction. Let’s begin this article with a little introduction.

Bleach Immortal Soul Codes

Bleach Immortal Soul is an online Role-Play game based on gacha games. It is developed and released by OasisGames. In this game, you can either play on story mode or can play PVP mode. The game is all about remaining at the top of the game ratings.

In this game, you have to increase your initiatives to remain at the top. In PVP mode you have to be either equivalent or higher initiative than your opponent player to win it. And after crossing level 50 you can’t even stand equally to your opponent. So it is obvious that you need high initiatives to go further in the game. To increase the Initiative you need to keep enhancing your character’s soul or giving gifts to the characters. And that’s where Bleach Immortal Soul codes play an important role. Here is the complete list of the codes listed below.

Complete list of Bleach Immortal Soul Codes (Sep 2022)

For your convenience, we have prepared a list in two different parts, one each for valid as well as expired codes.

Valid Bleach Immortal Soul Codes

Bleach Immortal Soul Codes (Working)

  • BARAG0209
  • EXDFQP78
  • YAMAMT0121
  • VJP7J64E
  • PS50WDLV
  • FHROHK86
  • STRK0119
  • RUKI0114

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Expired Bleach Immortal Soul Codes

Cirucci0227 – Expired on 06 March 2021

S33AD2N8 – Expired on 05 March 2021

YACHI0212 – Expired on 18 Feb 2021

SOIFON0211 – Expired on 17 Feb 2021

BARR0209 – Expired on 15 Feb 2021

LISA0203 – Expired on 09 Feb 2021

BYAKUYA131 – Expired on 06 Feb 2021

Yamamoto0121 – Expired on 27 Jan 2021

Lili0119 – Expired on 25 Jan 2021

Stark0119 – Expired on 25 Jan 2021

RUKIA0114 – Expired on 20 Jan 2021

YORUICHI0101 – Expired on 07 Jan 2021

URR1231 – Expired on 06 Jan 2021

KKON1230 – Expired on 05 Jan 2021

JUSHIRO1221 – Expired on 27 Dec 2020

Toshiro1220 – Expired on 26 Dec 2020

ISSHIN1210 – Expired on 16 Dec 2020

Ulq1201 – Expired on 07 Dec 2020

KEN1119 – Expired on 25 Nov 2020

TOSEN1113 – Expired on 19 Nov 2020

No51111 – Expired on 17 Nov 2020

IKKK1109 – Expired on 15 Nov 2020

URYU1106 – Expired on 12 Nov 2020

SSKB1104 – Expired on 10 Nov 2020

BIS180 – Expired on 24 Oct 2020

ZMR1013 – Expired on 19 Oct 2020

LOVE1010 – Expired on 16 Oct 2020

HT1005 – Expired on 11 Oct 2020

MTMT0929 – Expired on 05 Oct 2020

GANT0921 – Expired on 27 Sep 2020

YMCK0919 – Expired on 25 Sep 2020

GIN0910 – Expired on 16 Sep 2020

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How To Redeem these Codes?

Just follow these simple steps to redeem the codes.

1. Connect to a Wifi or Internet connection to play this game.

2. Go to the Game icon and tap to launch the Bleach Immortal Soul game.

3. Click on Settings (A gear Icon) at the top right corner of the Games Home Screen.

4. A new window System Settings will appear on the screen.

5. Scroll down to the Others Section and Click on the Redeem button.

6. A new window to enter the code will open. Enter your Bleach Immortal Soul code here.

7. After entering the code click on Yes. If you have not already used the code a Congratulations message will open up and Gifts will be added to your Bag.

8. Close the System Settings and click on the Bag icon from the bottom menu on the game’s home screen.

9. Click on Use to use the gifts received.

See how simple it is to use the codes. Please be sure that these codes exist for only a limited period of time. So, redeem these coupons as soon as possible before they get expired.

We will keep the list updated so bookmark this article to make it easy to revisit this list.