Why does my iPhone keep restarting? How to fix the Problem?

Restarting your iPhone device is one of the most annoying problems, and you feel like throwing it away in the dustbin. If you are also feeling annoyed just because your iPhone keeps restarting and you have no idea why it is happening, so you have landed on the right page. Here we will be going to share details related to it so that you will not face this kind of trouble at all, and having access to all the apps on your iPhone will be an easy thing for you to do.

Reasons behind iPhone keep restarting:-

Majorly two reasons are there contributing to iPhone keeps restarting. This includes:-

  • iPhone restarts intimately where you are using your iPhone for a longer duration, and then suddenly, it restarts.
  • iPhone restart loop is also responsible for it, and out of every concern, and Apple logo appears and disappears on the screen over and over again. This is totally unrelated to the software on your iPhone, and you need to fix it.

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How to fix the restarting problem on iPhone?

If the restarting problem persists, we suggest you backup your iPhone in advance. The major reason we are suggesting you for backup because you have no idea what you could do, and in the end, there might be a chance you need to reset it with the backup will save you from unnecessary losses. Thus, before choosing any of the measures to fix it, just have a complete backup of your device.

Update the software of iPhone:

We all know iPhone runs on a particular operating system, and whenever there is a new update, it fixes all problems persisting in the previous month. We suggest you update the software because there might be a chance the new update has something which let you face the problem. For it, you need to go to settings and then look for the software update option. If there is an update available, click on install it and wait for a while until it gets installed. When the installation has been done, the problem will get resolved. If still the problem persists, move ahead to the second method.

Check out if there is an app causing the same problem:

There might be a chance you have downloaded any third-party application which might be contributing to restarting of the iPhone. At that moment, the need has been a rise to look forward to the apps installed on your device. We suggest you check out every application and have a look at whether these are working fine or not. For it, you need to go through settings, then privacy than analytics, and then move to analytics data. In the analytics data, you will be able to analyze whether the app works ineffectively or not. Make sure that there is no app that has been written over and over again because if the same is there, then you need to uninstall it.

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Remove your SIM card and insert it again:

Remove your SIM card and insert it again. There might be a chance some problem has been arising with the wireless carrier, and the SIM card connected to your iPhone might be causing the same problem. When you remove your SIM card, it will act as a troubleshooting option for you. You can simply remove it and, after few minutes, insert it again and get back to your device.

Reset all the settings:

Resetting your device is not rocket science that you can’t utilize. In this, you need to reset all the settings and restore to iPhone factory default settings. It will not be going to contribute any problem to the data on your device. But you need to enter the Wi-Fi password again. Apart from it, there will be no major change in your device.

Hard reset of your device:

If not even a single solution is able to fix the iPhone restart problems, we suggest you perform a hard reset. For it, you need to hold the power button and home button at the same time until it goes blank and the Apple logo Re-appear. It will be going to take a duration of 20 seconds, and it helped you to fix the problem.

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Restore the iPhone with the help of iTunes:

Restoring the iPhone with the help of iTunes is the method in which you will be going to restore the iPhone completely, and it is all the data. iPhone needs to connect to the computer to restore, and we suggest you follow the steps carefully because if any of them is missing from your eyes, some problems arise.

Final Words:

Here we have shared all the possibilities that will help you to fix the restarting problem of your iPhone. We suggest you have a backup in advance because in case you have lost the data due to any of the reasons, some problems may arise, and you feel annoyed unnecessarily don’t want to see it like this way, just have the backup in advance.

Additionally, if not even a single method is working in your favor, the time has come when you need to visit the service center and get the issue fixed.

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