Where Is The Power Button On Vizio TV? How To Turn It ON Without a Remote?

If you wish to use the built-in power button to turn ON your Vizio TV. However, you are unable to locate the power button on the Vizio TV. In the guide, you will find out the details of where is the Power Button on Vizio TV, and how to turn it ON without a remote.

Where Is The Power Button On Vizio TV?

If you have ever used an old television, the power button and other buttons are located immediately below the display. Typically, they are arranged in a horizontal line with a pair of aux cable access next to them.

The controls are located behind the television when it comes to Vizio TV or any smart television made recently that has a flat design and maybe a bezel-less screen.

Certain Samsung televisions may feature buttons on glass, but this one is a little different because it has physical buttons built into the back of the TV.

Even if there is some adjustment in the distance between the wall and the television, they are either on the left or right side corner and are easily felt by sliding your fingertips behind the screen. The Power button on your Vizio TV is located at the top of the vertical line.

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Turn ON Vizio TV Without A Remote

If you want to turn ON your Vizio TV without using your remote, then it is a surprisingly simple and effective way. You can turn off your television by tapping on the Power button if you can find it behind the TV. To turn it on, follow the same procedure.

But make sure the TV’s power support is turned on and receiving energy when you carry out either of these two tasks. 

Alternatively, you might try removing the power cord from the switchboard and re-inserting it to turn on the television while using the switch.

The phone you have is the last remaining method of achieving this. Most phone manufacturers, including Xiaomi and Poco, would give you infrared sensors. 

This implies that you can pair your TV and turn it on by downloading the app or using the built-in remote.

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Q:- Where is the Power Button On A Vizio TV?

Ans:- The buttons on the back of the majority of Vizio Smart TVs are vertically arranged and located in the left or right corner. If you are still unable to locate it, check your TV Handbook.

Q:- Without a remote, how can I turn off my Vizio TV?

Ans:- You can unplug the power cable from the power source or press the Power button while it is on to turn the device off. You can also turn it off using the switch.

Final Thoughts

The techniques for where is the Power Button on Vizio TV are mentioned in the section above this one. If you use these techniques exactly as recommended, they are very effective.

We hope you find this material to be useful. You can post in the comment section if you have any queries or ideas. We are pleased to assist you and assure you as soon as possible.

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