What Is Setup Wizard On Android Phone? Complete Explanation

You might have thought that what are setup wizards on your android phone, and it works. Is not it? Yes, and go through the details in this article so that you can understand the step-by-step procedure for Setup Wizard On Android Phone. Complete Explanation Android Phone setup wizard. 

To manage applications that you install on your android phone, you need some types of tools, and this setup wizard is that tool that the developer installs on the android phone. There are various functions that your setup wizard does, and mainly, it focuses on allowing users to restore previous applications on their new phone with the premium license that it has. Additionally, you can install custom Read-only Memory on your android device thanks to the setup wizard.

Setup Wizard Features

  • You can install a custom ROM.
  • It provides more than one profile for users for different devices.
  • You can go through the initialization of the android device.
  • You can categories the applications that are installed.
  • In most cases, it helps to install the usual apps that most people install.
  • You can go through the categories by searching, and it will give you the backups for the current applications on your android device.

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Run Android Setup Wizard On Your Phone:

There are some steps that you have to follow so that you can run Android Setup Wizard on your phone without having issues with it. Let us bring these steps to your table.

➤ You have to start with the selection of the default language. Go to the Changing The Default Language option, and tap here. You can select the default language manually.

➤ After that, you need to change hearing and vision. You can also change the font if you want because it is optional. Go to ACCESSIBILITY in SETTINGS, and there you can modify the font.

➤ Now, you will move to open the screen. On the ACCESSIBILITY screen, you have to select Start and Next so that you can move Next.

➤ Now, it is time to make you’re your system is stable. Users with a STABLE system can select the name of their network and have to enter the password. Select CONNECT and Next.

➤ There, it will offer you an End User License Agreement, and read it carefully before you check the box that says I Understand.

➤ There is optional advice that you can read consent for DIAGNOSTIC and DATA INFORMATION. At this step, you can select YES or NO. Hit Next after that, and you get access to Android Services and Apps where you need a Google account or Gmail.

➤ At this step, you have two options. Either you can select YES if you have a Google account, or you can tap GET an ACCOUNT so that you can create a new account if you do not have a Google account.

➤ Once it finishes, you have to go through checkboxes for setting up location preferences. Then after select NEXT. At that moment, you get a message like THIS PHONE BELONGS TO.. you can enter your name so that it can be customized. After that, click on the right mark to continue.

➤ If you are a Samsung user, you need some Samsung applications and a Samsung account. There, you can sign in if you have Samsung Account and need an email with a password. But, you can also select create an account if you do not have a Samsung Account.

➤ After that, you have the option to edit your name that you can use for identifying your phone. To make the interface of your Android device more easy and quick by enabling Easy Mode. After that, the tour to set up wizard will finish as soon as you tap on FINISH.

➤ You can find additional options and dialogue boxes as Wizard Configure on some Android phones. Do not worry. You can follow them to go ahead. Make sure you follow the prompts to go further.

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 Skip The Google Setup Wizard

This additional information is required as some users want to skip their Google Setup Wizard. Therefore, we have given the procedure to SKIP the Google Setup Wizard. But it is a part of Android OS, and you can not skip it. However, you still have the option to skip it by using Honeywell Provisioner. If you have the hardware of 75e Android, CT50 Android, CT60 Android, CN51 Android, Android 4,6,7 OS, EDA50, CN75, and CK75, then you can follow these steps. 

Open DeviceConfig.xml on PC by using EZConf8g after retrieving from the device.

Under GoogleStartupWizard, set the parameter to 0. After that, you can print the Configuration Barcode. It is downloadable from File 1.

You will see Google Setup Wizard after the factory reset. It needs to be activated by scanning the setup barcode and saving DeviceConfig.xml in IPSM/Honeywell/persist.

After that, the phone shows the DESKTOP. As soon as you save DeviceConfig.xml a factory reset skips Google Setup Wizard. But make sure, Erase IPSM is not ticked. The screen will ask a few questions and give answers as follows.

  • Press START for the language screen.
  • Press the SKIP or SKIP ANY-WAY option for the WiFi screen.
  • Select RIGHT ARROW RIGHT ARROW for Google and Location screen.
  • Select the RIGHT ARROW for this device that belongs to the screen.
  • Finish it by clicking RIGHT ARROW on Google Service Screen.

Wrapping Up

Was this article Informative for knowledge of what is setup wizard on an android phone? If you find it helpful, then let us know. Be careful when you choose the factory reset option. This information must have got your attention towards the setup wizard on an android phone.

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