What does Poggers mean online, and How to Use it?

So, today we will discuss what does Poggers mean online and how to use it. If you are searching for these details then read this till the end.

What does Poggers mean?

As previously mentioned, the word “Poggers” is used to describe enthusiasm. In essence, it is a particular kind of emoticon that is utilized on Twitch. 

A form of shocked frog can be seen in the Poggers emoji. Its roots can be found in the Pepe family of the comic street. 

Initially, it was employed by a variety of far-right political parties to project a naive and bemused attitude toward the government’s performance. 

However, Poggers is frequently utilized in Twitch right now, which is largely used to demonstrate excitement.

Users typically send Poggers instead of typing words like “amazing” or “epic.” When a Twitch player does something amazing while live-streaming their game, viewers will use this term to show their support for them. 

It enables the game’s participants to appreciate their performance and learn that their audience enjoys their live stream.

Use Poggers Online

You can still download as many emoticons as you like, even if the majority of gaming websites limit the number of emoticons you can use in your chatroom. 

Keep in mind that the Pogger emoticon is intended to pique your interest in talking to other gamers. Therefore, be sure to know when and where it should be used.

You must also realize that you must not continuously utilize this and other emoticons. While gaming, there is always a proper technique and proper moment to apply something. 

For instance, Poggers should only be mentioned in a conversation when you wish to convey surprise and enthusiasm. 

Therefore, it is the perfect time to use a Pogger emoticon to express your surprise or delight if something unexpected happens in the middle of a gaming session.

This emoticon can also be used to signify something that makes you think of Pepe the frog memes in various conversations on social networking platforms. 

You can also use it to display Ryan Guiterrez’s scandalous face. Today, the majority of Twitch streaming players know what the phrase “that’s fantastic” means.

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AdditionalWords used to characterize Poggers

  • Amazing
  • Awesome
  • Elegant
  • Wow
  • Captivating
  • Breathtaking
  • Delightful
  • Heavenly
  • Incredible
  • Impressive
  • Fantastic
  • Magnificent
  • Magical
  • Marvelous
  • Wonderful
  • Superb
  • Shocking
  • Spectacular

Is the word “Poggers” bad?

No, it is a word that conveys eagerness and is positive.

It’s a neutral word that’s used to express astonishment to other players or viewers.

In the actual world, it may be mistaken for a nasty word with ease. It is not a horrible word, though.

Poggers emoji on WhatsApp & Discord

The Pogger emoticon is popular on social media sites like WhatsApp and discord in addition to Twitch. On WhatsApp, there are renowned Poggers stickers accessible. 

The emoji, however, is not included in your Discord program. However, you can post a Pogger emoticon to Discord by following the instructions below.

  1. Download the Poggers emoji first.
  2. Get the Discord app going.
  3. Then, hit the three-line menu symbol that you can see on the left side of the screen.
  4. As soon as your username appears, tap the three dots.
  5. The phrase “emoji” can be found after you tap Settings and scroll down. Just click it.
  6. After that, select the pogger emoticon from the gallery by tapping the upload emoji option.
  7. The Discord software lets you communicate with this emoji.

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Q:- Can I use Poggers as a custom emote on my own Twitch channel?

It cannot be used for private Twitch conversations.

Q:- When did the first Poggers release?

All Twitch users in 2017 have access to Poggers’ emote if they have the appropriate browser plugin.

Q:- Why do streamers use the term Poggers?

Poggers is a phrase used to express surprise or excitement.


Above you know what does Poggers mean online: how to use the word to make every gaming session exciting and fun. Your fellow gamers will understand if you only use the Poggers image. If you like our article or you need any help or have queries regarding it, do mention your question in the comment section.

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