TV Says No Signal But Cable Box is ON: How to Fix it?

If you are struggling with the error of TV Says No Signal But Cable Box is ON. Then, here we will discuss some methods to fix it easily.

Learn How to Fix when TV Says No Signal But Cable Box is ON

Below we will provide some easy methods to fix TV Says No Signal But Cable Box is ON. Follow these steps carefully, and complete this process easily:-

Method 1: Check all TV Connections and Cables

TV Says No Signal But Cable Box is ON: Check all wire
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HDMI cables are now used by cable boxes to transmit audio and video TV signals. A poor or insufficient HDMI connection may cause your TV to display the message “No Signal”. 

Make sure the cable is plugged in completely and in the right port. Examine the connections of each cable box to the TV because signal loss is the main cause of a No signal error.

  • If your cable box uses HDMI, make sure that neither of the connecting ends is twisted or otherwise compromised.
  • Buy gold-plated HDMI cables if necessary, such as the Belkin Ultra HD.
  • Examine the ports and clear out any possible dust or debris with a dry cloth or an earbud.
  • See if it also supports 4K and high bitrate audio.
  • All cables and wires, including the ones that power the set-top box and television, should be replaced if they are damaged.
  • If the signal on your digital television continues dropping, you can still accomplish this.

Method 2: Turn OFF the TV and other Devices

Turn OFF the TV and other Devices-TV Says No Signal But Cable Box is ON

Your TV should be turned off first, followed by a brief delay before being restarted. If the issue persists, you must examine each connection’s inner workings separately. 

It is not a challenging process. Simply take out the HDMI ports before moving on if you use them for anything.

  • A TV cable box check
  • To see if any cables are defective, try wiggling them. If you have more cables to exchange and test, we advise doing so.

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Change HDMI Port

A damaged HDMI port could result in a No Signal message. You have a range of options when it comes to connecting your cable box because smart TVs offer numerous HDMI connectors.

  • Each port has a different identification number.
  • Additionally, one of the ports has HDMI ARC written on it. Because it mainly links your TV to a home theatre system or a sound bar, this connection should not be used.
  • Additionally, you can test the ports by connecting a different device, such as a Blu-ray or DVD player, to your TV.
Change HDMI Port - TV Says No Signal But Cable Box is ON

Method 3: Restart Cable Box

One of the simplest fixes for a “No Signal” issue is to restart the cable box. Your cable box works like a computer, so a fast reboot usually takes care of this and other small problems.

Step 1:

Remove your cable box from the outlet.

Step 2:

Wait, ideally, for 60 seconds.

Step 3:

Re-connect the wall outlet of the cable box.

Step 4:

Turn on your cable box and check your TV to see if there is a signal.

Step 5:

You must use the circuit breaker to unplug and reconnect your cable box if it is fixed behind the wall.

Step 6:

Check to see whether this has resolved the “TV Says No Signal But Cable Box is ON” problem.

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Method 4: Check TV’s Input Source

Another cause of your TV not showing a signal is that the cable box is not connected to the input mode.

Step 1:

Up until you see the TV, the inputs can be changed.

Step 2:

Press the input button on your TV remote to access the inputs.

Step 3:

Check each entry after using the directional keys or the input button.

Method 5: Check Errors related to HDCP

HDCP Error -TV Says No Signal But Cable Box is ON

Your television can occasionally experience HDCP issues. According to this anti-piracy strategy, non-licensed devices shouldn’t be allowed to access any cable TV material. All contemporary televisions comply with HDCP standards.

  • The safest and most effective move is to get an HDCP-compliant cable.
  • Even though purchasing high-quality cables could be more expensive, solving this issue is still desirable.
  • An additional choice is to buy an HDMI splitter. Check to see if HDMI splitters are compatible with your cable box.

Method 6: Reset Television and Cable box

Reset tv ans cable box-TV Says No Signal But Cable Box is ON
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It is impossible to overstate the value of a device reset. A restart procedure will merely perform a soft reset that nothing will be completely undone.

However, a reset will return all settings to their original state, with the exception of those that are in user mode. When all previous methods have failed to correct your signal issue, you have the choice to reset. Reset your cable box properly, to follow these details:-

Step 1:

Turn off everything.

Step 2:

Disconnect the power cord from the wall. After then, wait for at least five minutes.

Step 3:

After re-connecting everything, turn on the box.

To successfully reset the TV, follow these steps:-

Step 1:

Turn off the TV.

Step 2:

Cut the cord that is attached to the wall.

Step 3:

Wait five minutes, then turn it back on.

Step 4:

Both methods can be carried out simultaneously to determine whether they will resolve the problem.

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Method 7: Check TV Antena Signal 

Your TV may display a No Signal message as a result of a problematic input source. For successful operation, your cable box and TV need to have the right inputs.

Step 1:

The input source should be turned on with remote control.

Step 2:

After turning on the TV, select Source on your remote control.

Step 3:

Select your favorite input technique.

Step 4:

The majority of cable boxes connect to the TV using HDMI 1 or 2.

Step 5:

Set-top boxes and cable boxes shouldn’t be linked to HDMI ARC because this port is only compatible with audio devices like sound bars and home theatre systems. Instead, choose either HDMI 1 or HDMI 2.

Method 8: Contact Customer Support

There is no alternative course of action when you’ve undoubtedly attempted all the suggested troubleshooting and are still experiencing this error than to get in touch with the support team and formally report the problem. 

You may describe the situation and all you have tried, but it hasn’t been successful. They will offer suggestions for further potential solutions to this problem.

Final Thoughts

The “TV Says No Signal But Cable Box is ON” issue means that you are unable to access your provider’s library of movies and television programs. To resolve this problem, implement all of the preceding solutions.

You can also activate the cable box and TV in the opposite order from a previous sequence. Both devices can reconnect and receive signals as a result.

When a TV displays a no-signal notice, it might be annoying. You won’t require outside help, though, in the majority of circumstances. By tackling one of the troubleshooting problems in this article, you can resolve the issue on your own.

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