Turn ON Roku Without Remote: How to Guide

This post will teach you how to turn ON Roku without remote, however, this is only recommended in emergency cases, and it is preferable to buy a new remote if your old one is missing or broken. 

A streaming device, such as Roku, is a device that is dependent on the TV to which it is attached. 

If the TV is turned off, the Roku will go into standby mode, if the TV is turned ON, select the HDMI output to which the Roku device will be linked, and the device will come back to life.

Roku has lately partnered with a number of smart TV manufacturers and created a Roku OS. Roku and other streaming devices do not operate independently, and their master control is the primary device. To learn more about how to turn ON Roku without remote, keep reading the below details.

How to Turn ON Roku Without Remote?

There is no power button on the devices that are used for streaming. Because the streaming device is not self-contained, the TV to which Roku is connected serves as the master controller. 

The Roku device will go into standby mode if you turn off the TV. When you turn ON the TV and switch the HDMI output to the Roku, it will instantly turn ON. 

There’s no need to manually switch ON the Roku streaming device. It will react in accordance with the TV to which the device is connected.

Turn ON Roku Without Remote Using Roku App

There are certain mechanical buttons on Roku TVs that can be used in an emergency. These emergency buttons will be located on the back or bottom of the television. 

You may turn ON the Roku TV without using the remote by pressing the Power button. The Roku smartphone app can be used for control and navigation.

Step 1:

From the App Store or Google Playstore, download the Roku App.

Step 2:

Connect your smartphone as well as your Roku device to the same wifi modem.

Step 3:

Select the Device Icon at the bottom of your Roku app.

Step 4:

The Roku device will now appear on the screen. Select the Remote icon that looks like your Roku TV.

Step 5:

The layout that corresponds to your remote will now appear. With the Roku app, you can now control your device.

Steps to Turn ON Roku Without Remote {Alternate Ways}

TCL on Roku TV is the same basic TCL TV as the Roku operating system. Roku TCL TV has some unique capabilities, such as the ability to view Netflix without a separate device. 

You’ll have access to a Roku channel store where you can buy whatever you want. There’s no monthly cost, and you’ll have to pay for everything you buy.

For Roku’s TCL controllers, you may use the Nintendo Switch. This will necessitate the use of a Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is a gaming system that also functions as a hybrid console and can manage the Roku TV.

Step 1:

The first step is to use the dock to connect the Nintendo Switch to the Roku TV.

Step 2:

Then, you need to Go to the Home screen option.

Step 3:

After that, click on the option of System Settings.

Step 4:

Select the option of TV Settings, and then click on Turn on Match TV Power State.


Q:- Without the remote, how do I turn ON my TCL Roku TV?

Ans:- The power button is located directly below the TCL logo on the TCL Roku TV. To turn on the gadget, press the power button.

Q:- Is the Roku TV equipped with a power button?

Ans:- On Roku TV, there is a power button. The button may be at the bottom or at the back of the TV, depending on the model.

Q:- Is the Roku TV equipped with a power button?

Ans:- Roku streaming players are low-power devices that are meant to stay on and connected to the internet at all times. There is no “power button” to activate or deactivate.

Q:- Without a remote or WiFi, how can I turn ON my TCL Roku TV?

Ans:- Set up a mobile hotspot and use the Roku app to connect Roku to Wi-Fi without a remote.

Q:- Are there cameras on smart TVs?

Ans:- Yes, some smart TVs feature built-in cameras, however, this varies depending on the model. If yours does, your owner’s manual will tell you. Yes, your smart TV has a camera if it enables facial recognition or video chat.

Q:- Is it possible to get a replacement for my Roku remote?

Ans:- Go to Roku’s official website to purchase replacement remotes. These replacement remotes will cost anything from $15 to $30.

Final Words

You can use this guide to turn ON Roku without remote. Use the Roku app for control and navigation. 

If the Roku app isn’t working for you, go to the store and get a new Roku remote. Keep an eye on this space for further information on Roku and other streaming devices.

If you want to turn on Roku TV without remote then you need to get the Roku official app installed. Or step-by-step details given in the article, follow and complete this process.

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