Turn ON/OFF Subtitles On Closed Captions on Roku (How-To Guide)

Turn on/off subtitles on the closed caption on Roku: Subtitles are really very important these days. It is not important that a person is quite familiar with the native language and they are able to understand the content they are streaming. But sometimes the scenario is being so this appears to be annoying. This is working in both favors, and there is no doubt that a person might look forward to solutions to fix it. If you are among those who want to turn on captions and don’t know how to do it on Roku, don’t worry because here we will be going to share all the details related to the same. Additionally, we will help you to turn them off as well. Just stay tuned with us to the last in this article.

How to turn ON the closed captions?

#1. Startup your Roku device and establish is a stable internet connection.

#2. Now move to the home button on the remote control.

#3. In the leftmost menu, move to the settings.

#4. When you move to the settings, a new page will appear and hit on the accessibility option.

#5. When you click on the accessibility caption mode option will be there click on it.

#6. Now from there, you can simply turn on the caption and enjoy without thinking twice.

The captions will be available for the content you are browsing. If the options are not available, there might be a chance they will not appear, but apart from it, you can get an idea about the plot going on if the language seems unfamiliar to you.

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How to turn off the subtitles on Roku?

#1. At the very first, you need to start up your Roku device. Until and unless an internet connection is not established, you will not be able to turn them off.

#2. Move to the setting menu, and their Ruko closed caption option is available to click on it. After moving through which you need to manipulate the settings and check out whether for which programs the subtitles are on.

#3. After doing so, select the accessibility tab and look forward to the caption’s preferred language and caption style.

#4. From there, you need to prove the caption mode and turn it off.

Congratulations! The captions are off, and there will be no need for you to feel annoyed unnecessarily.

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Why do people prefer subtitles on content?

The major reason people prefer subtitles on content is that it let them understand the plot in detail, and if the language seems unfamiliar to them, they can get an idea about the content going on. There will be no need for them to feel new with the content and feel like it is not their cup of tea. The best part is subtitles are available in their native languages, which helps them to have access to the content more effectively.


Is there any special amount people need to pay for subtitles?

No. This is a free utilize option available for all the individuals out there, and there is no need for them to spend even a single penny on it.

What if a person is not able to find out the caption mode option?

If you are not able to find out the caption mode option, update the driver and wait for a while until the driver gets updated. After these get updated, you can easily navigate through them and turn on or off the captions.


Here we have the best steps that will help you to turn on or off the captions on your Roku player easily. At nothing for you to worry about. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy!

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