How To Set up a Text Auto Reply on iPhone? Step-by-Step Guide

Set up a Text Auto Reply on iPhone: It happens many times that you are busy with some other work then at the current time you are not able to do the instant reply to the messages.

In this scenario, you might need some auto-text replies on your device that decrease your workload. You can also set the auto-text reply on your vehicle so at that time of driving you will not need to stop riding.

To use the auto-reply feature you need to set it on your iPhone device. Here in this article, I am going to share with you the steps to set the auto-reply text message feature.

Let’s read the given steps carefully in the below-given article.

How to set up a Text Auto reply on iPhone

You need to follow these steps to set up the process of auto-reply on your iPhone device.

1. Go to your iPhone device and open the setting option.

2. On the settings menu option tap the button “Do not Disturb

3. Now you need to set up and go for the auto-reply option:

When you reach the menu options bar, you have to scroll at the bottom and click on the auto-reply message option. After that, you will start to get the auto-reply text automatically on your iPhone device.

4. The next step is to set auto-reply for all the contacts:

  • To make the auto-reply feature best you need to do the setting with all the contacts. This auto-reply feature helps you when someone texts you then, automatically text will go to them.
  • While making changes with the auto-reply text they show you two options: first is “No one” and second is “Favourites”. 
  • No one option will disable all the messages but in the favorites options, all the contacts are selected for the auto-reply text.
  • Now back to the previous menu option and click the auto-reply option
  • Now here you are able to do the actual message which is sent back to you automatic
  • If any person will text you then you are able to do the auto-reply of the text immediately.

5. To reset the feature you need to reset it by Turning on and Turning off the auto-text message reply.

6. Create your auto-reply text message-

When you turn on the option the message will start on auto-reply mode and you no need to wait or check by scrolling any messages.

To use this feature you feel creative with the device. suppose if you have any out-of-office reply then you do not need to spend more time on your phone. The auto text reply will handle it easily.

7. Select the “Turn it on” option

When we do turn on the auto-text reply mode then it starts to send the message itself while at the time of driving you can do the same thing for better and safer riding.

The auto text reply feature works as a human that reads your all notification and gives the message to revert back to you soon.

Many people use this to save their time as well as be better focused on their work if they have received a lot of notifications per day.

There is a little bit of difference between the iPhone device –  iPhone X  or iPhone 8, SE.

iPhone X –  There is no home button available in the iPhone X. First you need to open the control center to swipe down the right corner of the screen. 

Now you can tap the button of “DO NOT DISTURB” while driving and during office working time you have to only sit and auto-reply start the text messages.

iPhone,8, SE- Scroll up the edge button of the screen and tap the button for do not disturb now it will automatically start text reply on your messages.

Now your auto-text reply for your messages is completely done by following the given steps. You need to follow step by step on how you can turn on your auto text feature.

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How to set auto-text reply messages while driving?

To set the auto-reply text on your car you need to go first to your control center. Then simply go to the settings>open control center and click the green button of + now you can turn on Do not disturb mode while at the time of driving.

Once you turn on the auto text mode you will see that the color is changed. It will better signify that you have already turned on your auto text feature.

Is “auto-text reply” make your life less distracted?

When you open your messages box then all the notifications and text messages appear on your device and you have to reply to them or even see if it is useful for you or not.

But, if you choose the option for auto text reply feature then it starts to send messages reverting from their end you no need to give your all-time to your phone.

Yes, we can say that auto-text reply makes your life less distracted by all manners. Your receipts get all the reply notifications of your messages. This auto-text reply feature works with both android as well as iPhone devices.

If you talk about the group messages, the auto-text reply reverts only to the individual’s messages and not to the groups.


We all know that the iPhone does not have the feature of automatic text reply function. And sometimes we need it when we are on vacation, a time break from the office and that time we really do not want to reply to the messages for anyone.

Setting up the auto-text reply is used to let people know that you are aware of the messages and will respond to them in some time.

In this article, I shared with you some steps to set your auto-text reply function on your iPhone device. so, you do need to spend all your time on your phone.

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