Roku vs Fire Stick: Which Video Streaming is best?

We know how important it has become to have a one-stop easy platform for streamlining HBO, Netflix, Prime, Youtube, Apple TV plus, Disney Plus, etc all at the same place in a flexible, cheaper way in terms of pricing and usability. Here, you will learn about Roku vs Fire Stick: Which Video Streaming is best?

Recently, Roku and Fire Stick have both been considered as one the biggest cord-cutters with a gain of a heavy user base. Now which one to consider amongst these? Maybe because of a similar product design and pricing, users get confused about which product to consider, but there are some very good differences along with their common and great features. 

Before we get into their variations, first let’s talk about the feature Roku and Fire Stick have in common:

Amazon Firestick
Amazon Fire TV Stick (Credit: Amazon)

Common Features of Roku and Firestick

  • Both of them provide one-stop access to millions of Video/TV streaming apps, all the major ones like prime, Netflix, HBO, Etc.
  • With their upgraded versions and models, they both prove to be super reliable, user-friendly, and flexible wherein all they need is a seamless internet connection.
  • Pricing is quite optimum and affordable with firestick models starting at $40 and Roku at $30.
  • Both offer different types of models as per your needs starting from super basic to HD, 4K video streamliners along with the features like voice control, remote device control along with inbuilt headphone jacks; isn’t that super-cool!!

Opinion: With such features in both the video streamliners, you either will have the best choice. Earlier there used to be a good range of price differences between Roku and amazon but with newer model updates of amazon –   Amazon Fire TV stick lite and Amazon Fire TV stick, one can have the benefit of streaming videos at 1080p at the same price at which Roku offers. And with Roku’s product launch, it offers video streamlining of up to 4K resolution which gives us a fair choice in both.  

The key takeaway here is that based on chief need- If your focus is more on streaming amazon prime with having a prime membership and owning an amazon echo then go for prime. But if you wish to avail of multiple services along with streaming 4k videos then with no doubt you should opt for Roku.

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Now let’s hop onto some notable variances in amazon and Roku hardware and software to help you make a clear choice:

Roku v/s Fire Stick: Major Differences between these two

Image credit: Roku

1. Voice Control – If you are a Prime subscriber and even own an amazon echo or are planning to then one of the chief features you can get on amazon is Voice control. You can direct the TV to change channels, volume, apps with few words in your voice. But if you are looking for a plain simple easy video streaming – then go for Roku.

2. Roku’s Easy way to navigate Menu – If you see the main menu screen of Amazon you might find some unavoidable clutter like – amazon product ads, subscribing app ads, which sometimes feel very annoying and leads you into more search time. In Roku, the user interface of the menu is quite plain and clean showing just exactly what is required. It directly opens the list of the app on the home page itself and that you can directly access the app store right from the page just like a phone. 

Amazon Prime in turn is also easy to use, it’s just that it focuses more on “Prime Content and Amazon Products” The options of channels and apps will be kept in lower visibility comparatively. But yes using Amazon Firestick you can directly install Amazon Fire TV VPNs although accessing other TV apps like sling TV, can only be searched quickly only if you know its location.

4. Roku has better search optimization – Search results in Roku are comparatively giving better results as compared to firestick. While searching in Roku it will directly take you to movies/show cost and then post-purchase you can straightaway select and start watching it, you can select the result directly and start viewing it directly if you have subscribed for it already it will come as free. Whereas in amazon, the results are certainly not optimum, you might get multiple false results. Also, primarily it will show through only one service that is “amazon prime”. You will have to click on – “More ways to search” to search in all the areas.

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5. Roku is comparatively slightly cheaper – The cheapest model of Firestick costs around $40 whereas the cheapest model of Roku – Roku Express costs around $30. But yes, Roku here lacks the feature of voice remote control. And in times of sale, the cost of amazon Fire Stick even goes down to $30. Of course, even Roku has other bumper features in other upgraded Roku streaming Stick plus

6. For 4K streaming – When it comes to opting for a product with having an objective of 4K streaming, Roku bags the price here slightly with an edge of advantage. The pricing of both Roku products Amazon fire stick and Roku products providing the features of 4K streaming is all same – $50. But two major app store service providers like google play and Vudu store are nowhere available on Firestick and we talk about Apple TV, then the rent or buying movies is not possible there. So, when it comes to such aspects, Roku has it all – It has to buy and renting movies facility along with multiple app store availability directly on the menu page.

7. For Voice Control option – Go for amazon- Well if you are wanting to have smart voice control delivered instructions without having to use your fingers then there cannot be anything better than the combination of “Alexa + Firestick”. Using this, you can pause, play, stop the video, can even adjust the volumes, quicker and easier voice search and launching of apps, and that even the Alexa replies back using TV speakers.

Roku too can be paired up with Alexa and you can start voice control but it doesn’t exactly deliver the same result. Even you cannot use Netflix using voice instructions in Roku as you will have to say Roku at the end of every statement.

Which is a Better Choice, Roku or  Fire Stick?

As per the overall features, review, and pricing; the clear winner here is Roku. With easy search optimization, simple navigation menu pane, low pricing strategy, and offering tons of apps without “Prime focussed strategy” and zero ads clutters with 4K streaming features  Roku is the best choice here unless one is looking for voice control features…

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