Mobile Legends Tier List 2022 | All Explained

Do you want to know the list of Mobile Legends Tier 2022? Be with us, and you will be the most common yet famous heroes in Mobile Legends Tier. We have reviewed all the characters that it offers, and have chosen Top 10 Mobile Legends Tier 2022. 

The new season on Mobile Legends is coming with tanks and fighters. The character of CC changes completely in Yu Zhong. He has a new level of power and strength. This new season will have different types of tanks and fighters. So, let us start with our list of Top 10 Mobile Legends Tiers. 

 Luo Yi

  • Her skills have improved. It is enough to understand that characters can not give more damage to her, and it makes her one of the toughest fighters.
  • Whiles playing 1-3-1, you can trust her as her supportive nature in play helps a lot. 
  • We have seen that her movement speed is low that you can not be speedy while fighting. 
  • For counterattack, she can use her long-distance AoE to give damages to opposite players. She is pretty good at holding a lane while damaging players. 
  • You will be seeing her fighting like an invincible player once she gets armed with tanks. It makes her even powerful and harder to defeat.


  • Players have seen that she is late in her gaming that it makes her a little bit weak among marksmen. However, she is powerful than a Good Kimmy that never lets her players’ late game. 
  • It is a third time that you are going to see her as an overpowered section because she is not an ordinary marksman or hero.
  • Once, players were unable to deal with her because of the long and hybrid damages that she gave to players. However, she is known as one of the most efficient and best carriers in the game. When she combines with tanks, she becomes unable to be defeated. Tanks like Hylos and Frock are her favorite. 
  • Sometimes players can defeat her in early gaming, and they think they won. But her mind-game damages are enough to say unbearable.


  • Esmeralda can damage magically and Physically because of being a hybrid tank as well as a mage.
  • She is capable of manipulating the stardust as well as the front moon. 
  • Sometimes, she is a bit weaker compared to the older CC. It does not matter because her LifeSteal and shield do makeup her. 
  • This meta player is Harder, and players have to go through several strategies to deal with her. 
  • She can damage up to 135% of Shields from targets, and her basic moves can damages twice to targets. 
  • If you find her with full stacks, you can not defeat her even if you choose to play one vs. five.


  • How can we afford to miss Ling if we are preparing Mobile Legends Tier List 2020? 
  • He can finish the whole squad in a single attempt. As per the Gamer’s point of view, he is the best to be a carrier. 
  • He is one of the most Powerful characters after a small buff. Players miss using him because he is one of them whom the game has banned. 
  • He was overpowered in early games. So, that is why we have to add him to our list of Top 10 Mobile Legends Tier List 2020.

Yu Zhong

  • Do you want a strong CC off-lane player? Yes, a crazy player is a fan of the off-lane players. So, Yu Zhong is the best option.
  • He is known as a worthy meta thanks to his abilities. 
  • He used to be irritating in his early game versions because of his being passive. That could be a piece of small negative news about him.
  • You can use his ultimate form, or his dragon form, to quickly get out from the squishy tank without wasting your time. 
  • Fighting solo is his strength that he can showdown enemy farms at every point of fights.

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Let Us Take You Through Some Mobile Legends Who Got Refined & Buffed.


  • The authority has buffed him and his abilities. They have reduced him by 100. 
  • They have increased his damages to 500 and only a 100% physical attack bonus. They increased his charging cycle by 50% in Cyclone Sweep.
  • You can also say that his damage is increasing by 25% to 100%.


  • The changes that they made to this character include a reduction in HP Growth and an increase in Physical attacks.
  • They have reduced CD, but when a car hits, it can damage up to 1500. 
  • They adjusted his abilities as well as damages. 


  • They have removed his HP Generation and have decreased the Max HP of the shield by 30%.
  • They adjusted her effects to 40% that was slow and increased her damage. They also added 40% of physical penetrations to her. 


  • If you want to know about Mobile Legends Tier List 2020, then you must know about this metacharacter. 
  • They refined him and increased his physical attack to 129%. They also reduced initial HP.
  • In this refinement, they have adjusted the damages and increased the LifeSteal to 10%.


  • The exciting thing about this character refinement is that he is now both. He is the Tank as well as a Fighter.
  • They adjusted his skills to 10, and his Dash Distance varies to charge duration only.
  • They refined him by increasing basic attack and decreasing physical defense. It became a perfect role for him.
  • He can take down low HP heroes thanks to his new passive. At the peak of the rage bar, you can enhance his primary attack.
  • His new passive helps him getting extra times each time he takes damage. 


By selecting the Top 10 Mobile Legends Tier, and by listing down them according to their abilities, we can say that you will amaze to see them on the battlefield. These Mobile Legends that official authority of Game call meta are going to perform well on the battlefield. All you need to know is the initial information about them.

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