Mini HDMI Vs Micro HDMI: Simple Explanation

Mini HDMI Vs Micro HDMI: Different types of cables are available in the market. But sometimes, due to a lack of knowledge, we are not able to figure out the type of cable we are purchasing. The same happens when we are moving ahead to purchase HDMI cables.

We all know HDMI cable plays an integral role when we want to connect to the devices, or we want that there must be a connection established between two devices. But it is also essential to get the right one. We usually find out three types of HDMI cables, including standard, Mini, and micro.

It is also integral to understand the differences. Here we will discuss the differences between micro HDMI and mini HDMI so that next time when you move ahead to purchase that there will be no such problem at all.

What is an HDMI cable?

HDMI or high definition multimedia interface standard cables allow the user to establish a connection between two devices. After establishing a connection, a user can easily share the data. The best part is these do not contribute to any signal loss or piracy. A user can simply share the data without having any thought about it. It doesn’t matter in which location you are living and no matter whether the internet connection is available on your device or not. If you want to share the data, just make the connection through an HDMI cable and start sharing on any of the devices available.

Difference between Mini HDMI and micro HDMI:

Mini HDMI cable:

Mini HDMI cable is similar to a standard or type-A port. These are the cables that are highly essential to be used with smaller devices. The reason being is because the size is quite small and making a connection will be easy.

Micro HDMI cable:

Micro HDMI cable is a type D cable with 1.4 standard HDMI. It also has 19 pins as the Mini HDMI cable. It is somewhere compatible with ordinary HDMI, and Connecting two devices will be quite easy with each other.

Difference between both:

Understanding the difference between micro HDMI and mini HDMI, at the very first, it is important to understand that there is a difference between their sizes. The size of the connector in micro HDMI is the size of a Mini USB connector, which can easily get fixed in almost all devices. But the Mini HDMI is more commonly used because different kind of varieties comes up with the same connectivity. In terms of performance, there is no difference because both contribute to sharing of audio, video, and documents from one device to another. It totally depends on the user which device they are holding, and according to it, they can purchase the HDMI cable. In case the compatible HDMI cable is not there with them, they will not be able to transfer the files with it.

Right now, some devices are there that come up with multiple ports so which have the type of HDMI cable available to you. After it, you can connect it simply and make the task successful. But some are still specific with the type available. These devices compatible with type-A, type-C, and type-D. A user needs to check it out, and then they can place the order for the HDMI cable they require.


Here we have come to an end related to the difference between Mini HDMI and micro HDMI, and it is quite clear that there is a difference in their size and the type of Port available in them. Apart from it, they both function similarly, and there is no doubt and it. Stay tuned with Techruth for all the latest updates you are looking to other portals but not able to find out the answer.

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