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Meaning of WYO in Text and Snapchat

So, today we will discuss the meaning of WYO in text and Snapchat. If you want to learn about it, then read this article till the end and know about it.

Meaning of WYO in Text

What You On is the meaning of WYO. We are aware that knowing this could not help you decide how you feel.

What Does it Mean When Someone Asks, “What You On”?

One needs to plan well if one wants to live an organised life. You must plan if you want to succeed in life, and this applies to both the individual and the collective levels.

Now, whence did the expression “What You on” originate?

One member of the group may seek additional viewpoints when making decisions that affect the entire group. Therefore, they can inquire, “What are your plans? ” or “What’s your choice?”

This is the general implication of “What You On”.

So, if you want to ask someone their opinion, use this phrase. What way do you have to say, for example? Just send them a “WYO” ping. Of course, the other party should be able to decrypt it as well.

Meaning of WYO in Snapchat

One of the popular platforms to connect with close friends has been Snapchat. As a result, if you’re asking, “What Does WYO Mean in Texting?” Then you must be aware that acronyms like WYO are useful, especially in programmes like Snapchat. 

Of course, the text serves as the foundation of communication, but there are a variety of additional ways to do so on Snapchat. There are plenty of alternative ways to express WYO in this context.

Stickers, Cameos, messages, and perhaps some acronyms are some inventive ways to use WYO in Snapchat. 

In Snapchat, there is a tonne of stickers that you can use to directly communicate your opinions. As an obvious substitute for WYO, you might use stickers that say “SUP,” which stands for “What is up”.

Cameos use filters to alter your appearance while you speak. You can communicate anything you desire with ease in this method. Ask your pals WYO in a cameo if you can. On Snapchat, messaging is distinct. 

It uses Snaps to communicate; try taking a picture of what you are doing and adding a sticker to ask someone else what they are doing.

Where is WYO used?

The following situations involve the use of WYO.

  1. When you wish to inquire about someone’s plans
  2. When you want to find out what someone is doing right now
  3. When you want to schedule a daytime meeting with someone
  4. WYO’s subtext transforms into a greeting while you are catching up with someone.

If you are familiar with acronyms, you may have noted that WYO and WYD are pretty similar, and that is accurate. 

The main difference between it and WYD is that it is primarily used to make new plans rather than catch up with a friend on text.

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How to Use WYO?

People frequently question, “What Does WYO Mean in Texting,” however they might not be aware of its function. Here are some tips for using WYO with Snapchat.


Snapchat has unveiled new creative filters that will give the impression that you are performing bizarre behaviours on camera. Cameos are what they are called.

When sending WYO to your friends, you can use Cameos.

Simply enter “WYO” into the text field, then hit the “Cameo” button on the right side of the screen.

Select the Cameo you believe best captures what you’re doing, then click “Send to Friend.”


You may add a variety of stickers to your Snaps using Snapchat. Using stickers is a terrific method to convey your feelings without using a lot of words.

You may apply a variety of WYO-related stickers to your Snaps. Using stickers that read “SUP,” which is short for “What is up,” is one example.


The letters WYO can be used to send a message to a buddy on Snapchat. The other party will understand what you are attempting to express if they are familiar with Snap jargon.

The word can even be filtered by adding certain colours and making it completely bold.

You can type WYO and send it to your buddies if you are doing anything great like climbing a mountain, going to a party, or anything else. Everyone else will undoubtedly be envious of what you are doing as a result of this.

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Where Do You Not Use WYO?

After seeing how and where WYO can be used in everyday communication, it is time to acknowledge that there are some situations in which employing WYO may seem strange. WYO examples abound that can demonstrate this.

If you want to convince a friend, you should explain why it is better to believe what you do. WYO is therefore unnecessary in this situation and is also weird.

Final Words

We hope that this guide has adequately explained the meaning of WYO in Text and Snapchat. Also know the details of how to use WYO in text and Snapchat. If you need any help regarding this, then comment below in the comment section. We will provide the solution quickly.

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