Manual Testing: Why Is It Essential For Your App?

Quality Assurance is vital in crafting your application. It enables you to examine your program and look for any possible flaws.

But what is the true meaning of manual testing procedure, and why is it crucial for applications like you’ve created?


As the name implies, manual testing means that a developer executes test cases without utilizing any automatic services. Using this method can take longer than automated programs, but it will guarantee greater accuracy when testing the app.

The purpose of this is to run random test scripts to look for bugs in the program. Manual testing was the first technique that developers utilized to detect various flaws. It is effective in detecting any bugs that go unnoticed in the application. You can also read this article.

Human Input

If you searched the internet, you might have encountered automated testing, which is the opposite of the manual procedure. Automated testing is quicker than manual operation since it uses special programs to accompany you throughout the process.

Being that said, can we rely solely on automatic programs for testing and make things easier? Well, the reality is, automation is not 100% feasible and practical for finding unnoticeable bugs in the program.

Why? You cannot assess the user experience directly with automated testing since it requires thorough observation and human feedback. It is also impractical for small-scale applications because it can be time-consuming to make scripts and is not cost-effective.

Even for big-scale applications, testers and developers do not rely solely on an automated operation. This manual approach prevents the risk of overlooking possible flaws in the program, so they combine it with automated testing.

There is always a need for human input, and it is something that automated programs cannot replicate. While automation is faster, you still need to do manual testing since it gives higher accuracy and allows you to identify the user-friendliness of the app.

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Benefits And When To Use

Operating manual testing in your application offers a range of advantages and benefits because it requires human intervention. These are:

  • Higher accuracy
  • Create and execute specific test scripts to look for any flaws
  • Cost-effective, especially for small-scale applications
  • Deal with app crashes and changes in real-time
  • Reliable in finding unnoticeable bugs and errors on the program
  • Test the maximum capacity of the app
  • Assess the program whether it is user-friendly or not

Although manual testing offers many advantages, it is also vital to remember that the process can be tedious and takes a long time. That is because a person executes the test cases directly rather than in an automatic machine.

The manual approach is excellent for exploratory testing, wherein testers design test scripts and executes them to look for any defects. It requires a specific goal that is perfect in this procedure.

 Additionally, this kind of process enables you to evaluate the user-friendliness of your application in various settings. Manual testing allows you to identify how effective and efficient your program is through human observation.

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Not Everyone Can Do Manual Testing

In opposite to the common belief, manual testing is a complicated and tasking process. As a result, a tester must have these necessary skills to execute this kind of job. These skills include:

  • Analytical skills in creating test scripts to find possible problems in the program
  • Knowledgeable in utilizing the necessary tools
  • Capable of making test artifacts that are simple to read and understand
  • The passion for examining and executing the application

Without these skills, the manual testing job would be mission impossible. The whole procedure will fail if you or the person you have assigned to do the task does not know the proper techniques.

Final Words

Conducting a Quality Assurance procedure is the key to the application’s success. Although people may rely on automated operations nowadays, manual testing is still essential since it guarantees higher accuracy and reliability.

It also enables you to observe the user-friendliness of your program and create specific test cases to look for any bugs. This process is essential since it allows you to identify which aspects of the program you should improve.

 As said earlier, there is a necessity for human input when testing and examining your app. Even if you may want to rely on automation programs, you should still incorporate the manual process and procedures.

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