10 Best Local WiFi Multiplayer Games for Android

Playing video games is the funniest and entertainment game. A video game play with other people is the best way to play video games. When you play with others through WiFi hotspot you get to share the challenge with huge excitement and have fun together.

In Android OS, social gaming is relatively easy to play with friends. Here you get two option to play with multiplayer games.

First one is playing multiplayer games via wifi hotspot. You can play online at the same time through wifi you can call for another player. The second option is Bluetooth.

It allows you to play with the close vicinity without Wifi. Here is the list of most trendy local WiFi multiplayer Games for you to try.

#1: Mini-Militia – Doodle army 2 – Android

Doodle army 2 is an intense wi-fi multiplayer game that can be played with six players through online and 12 players through local wifi. The game provides efficient tools to play and win in the game. Some of its tools include flame thrower, sniper, shotgun, etc.

This game features with explosive online and local multiplayer warfare! Intuitive the dual shooting controls. Start playing this game with your loved ones by downloads it from the above-given android link.

Mini militia doodle army 2

#2: Racers Vs Cops: Multiplayer – Android

It is a multiplayer game; you can select to be a racer or to be a cop. The game has a wide range of physics engine that helps to choose the best car for you. If you wish to be a racer then you need to catch a cop. If you are a cop, then you are supposed to catch a racer.

In this game, you can be the police and get more scores by pursuing and damaging to the street racers. In multiplayer mode, you can race with other driver and reach the best highway racer. Start playing with this game by download from the above link.

Racer vs Cops

#3: Badminton League – Android

It is the most fun game that you can play with one on one with your best buddies via wifi, and win-in the badminton trophy in Tournament Mode!

Customizing the character and select the rocket with tons of available items and level up the ability to do stronger smash and jump. Call your friends through wi-fi and add multi-player and be the top badminton player.

Smash now this amazing game by download it from the above link for android versions.

Badminton league

#4: Crazy racing – Android

Classic crazing racing game is an incredible game loved by many users. Drive all the way from rookie to pro. Have a fun filled excitement with the roar of the engines, gleam of the steel, the thrill of the race!

Play this amazing game by download it from the above link. Jump behind the wheel and challenge the multi-player with unbeatable performance!

Start your most favorite car and drive it on the street, city Sky! Start and accelerate!!

Crazy Racing

#5: NBA JAM by EA Sports – Android

NBA JAM is a basketball game. JAM with favorite stars from 30 NBA teams is a fantabulous game with unlimited fun. You can play this game with 4 modes of play. They are a local multiplayer mode, online multiplayer mode, Play now and Classic mode.

Don’t hesitate to play this lovely game from the Google play store. Play Classic! Play Now! Play against Friend!

Go big head 2 big head against a friend through wi-fi. Multiplayer must update to the latest version for optimized gameplay.

NBA JAM by EA Sports

#6: Terraria – Android

Join the millions of terrarian community for exciting game-winning options! Dig! Fight! Explore!

In Terraria, you can experience the most exciting flow from the floating island in the sky to the deepest level of the world. More adventure, more un terrified moments, more battles to win the game.

Multiplayer – Local WIFI supports 4 players on any mobile device. Start exploring by downloads it from the above-given link.


#7: Crossy Road – Android

This is a massive viral no.1 hit game. Join this most animated marvelous game by download it from above link and share with multiplayer’s through wifi.

This game features with play crossy road on the big screen with smart TV, collects several pop art characters by winning each level, it’s most innovative gameplay with a wide number of users.

Cross Road

#8: Asphalt 8: Airborne – Android

This is the most exhilarated car racing game with high-performance dream machines. You find a great world of a challenge! Start using this unbelievable experience by downloads it from the above link.

The selection of bike models includes more than 220 models with astonishing color. Customize and upgrade the ride with 2,300 decals against the opponents. It is provided with high-fidelity motor sound for realistic audio transmission.

Gear up for multiplayer action up to 8 players for the ultimate racing experience!

Asphalt8 Airborne

#9: Mini Motor Racing – Android

Start your engine with the most vibrant, stunning and super-challenged racing game with multiplayer through wifi. It can be downloaded from the above link.

Mini Motor Racing plays with combined technology of modern tech to nitro-boost your engines. Race with multi-players and win big rewards. Call your friend or family member play through wifi.

Mini motor racing

#10: Spaceteam – Android

This game is totally a different game. It increases the need for team quality, importance, and benefits of the team. It set the goal to push you and your friends together to the limit in terms of teamwork, pushing and yelling.

According to time sensitivity instructions you and your players need to rescue the spaceship. This is the most interesting game can be played by download it from above link and shared through wifi.



Gaming with a friend is a fun-filled moment. This trendy Local WiFi multiplayer Game helps you and your friends play together through wifi access. You and your friends must join with same wifi network access in a different mobile device. Either you can compete with your friends or both of you be in the same team play against the BOT.

The game rule is so simple. One of the players has to create a room and send an invite to others to join in the match. Start killing the game with amazing 10 Local WiFi Multiplayer Games & have fun with friends.

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