Latest Best Haircuts For Girls With Short, Medium, and Long Hair

A complete guide about the latest best Haircuts for girls with short, medium, and long hair.

The hair, especially to the girls, is considered the crown. It is one of the first things that most people notice. To some, it exudes an immense amount of confidence and pride that makes a woman stand tall (with her chin up, of course!) and while some enjoy the simplicity of free-flowing hair, most women would spend hours at the salon and in the comforts of their own home to make sure that their hair looks exceptional – not to mention the excessive amount of money spent towards hairdressers, hair extensions, hair colours and dyes.

The list of treatments and hair spas done on the hair can also be quite astoundingly lengthy – to put it simply, some women would go miles for their hair and it doesn’t need to have a special occasion.

Another popular means for women to enhance the look of their hair is through haircuts to achieve a certain hairstyle. Like clothes, hairstyles are ever-evolving and changing depending on the year –  there may be reruns or come back but there is always something new to try each year. 

If you search for the hair trend this year, you will notice that most hairstyles give emphasis and focus on looking more “natural”. Curtain fringes or bangs are also a popular add-on for a go-to look and beach waves are something to feast your eyes too. 

Curtain Fringe Haircuts for girls
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Most people nowadays would prefer to see an authentic vibe and look – messy hair don’t care type but still looks stunningly beautiful. An everyday hair that women can wear any time and in any place easily with less hassle. 

There are tons of hairstyles available out there however, not all hairstyles would suit every woman. So before we head over to check out the hairstyle craze this year, how do you choose the perfect hairstyle for you?

You have to take note of the shape of your face. Some hairstyles might not suit the ones with a long face or a round face thus it is important to know your face shape. 

Is your face oval, round, square or heart-shaped?

You also have to consider the texture and volume of your hair. Some hairstyles require a certain level of thickness to pull off and texture can be an added factor too. Note that a hairstylist or hairdresser has to trim or cut your hair to attain such a hairstyle and your hair’s texture and volume will dictate what sort of hairstyle your hairdresser can do.

Your persona. Yes, you have read it right. You have to also consider the type of persona or vibe you want to emit. As mentioned previously, hair is the first thing that most people usually notice and no matter how much we avoid it, people will have the first impression of the look you are trying to pull off. Like having a bob cut emanates elegance while an edgy haircut will have a different perception from other people.

A hairstyle, if chosen the right one, can add wonders to the totality of your style and character. It is always best to do some research before making a decision to do a haircut, especially when transitioning from long hair to short hair – there is no going back when this happens! (And will certainly take months to regrow the hair).

What are the hairstyles for 2021?

As previously mentioned, based on the search results when you check on hairstyles for 2020, you are most likely to find haircuts that show curtain style fringes that even Hollywood stars have. Aside from this, wavy hair is also an added plus on most hairstyles – most women go with the wavy bob or wavy shag haircut. 

This is commonly known as the “beach waves” now which definitely adds a noticeable figure and pattern to the hair – taking curls and swirls to a higher level. The main key to being in style with your hair this year is to keep it easy, simple and look genuinely natural being less is so much more when it comes to the styling of your hair this year. 

Below is a list of the main trending hairstyles that will flood the streets and salons this year.

Trendy haircuts for girls with short hair:

Styling someone with short hair can be challenging, not only that you have to be wary about the shape of the face but more so, you also have to consider its length – the shorter the hair, the less option you have for styling it. But you don’t have to fret! 

Here are two of the most trending haircuts for women with short hair this year.

Pixie Cut – This haircut is never out of style! It just goes well with any occasion and season. The pixie haircut is best for women with a heart, oval and square-shaped face, it accentuates the cheekbones and the eyes – providing a visual perspective of softening the roundness of someone’s face. This year, this haircut gives out a new look and style with longer layers and bangs.

Short Choppy BobDo you still remember the time when this hairstyle popped out of nowhere and suddenly everyone was so into it? The bob haircut has been known for ages as it can sophisticatedly add elegance and finesse to any outfit you wear. Now the choppy bob has added shortwave layers making the look more dramatic (There is never a boring hairstyle when you add layers!) – not to mention this hairstyle can fit into any shape of the face too! 

If you have thin hair, the choppy bob would certainly add volume and thickness to your hair.

Haircut craze for girls with medium hair for 2021:

Before letting you know the popular go-to hair cuts for girls with medium hair this year, let us first define what medium hair is or what is considered medium hair. There are some people who get confused between long and medium hair. Medium hair (medium length) or mid-length hair is basically the hair ends aligned to the collarbone or the shoulder blades. Beyond this point, is considered “long” hair and anything that does not reach this point is, well, “short”.

This year, most hairstyles adapt to the craze of having waves incorporated into the overall presentation of a haircut. Like you can take on the typical and classical hairstyles but add the waves to them and that’s the signature touch of the year 2020. 

Below are two of the most trending haircuts for girls with medium hair.

V-Cut Layers – Yes, with the V! The V-cut hairstyle is simply cutting or trimming the hair to form a “V”. It is layered and forms a sharp edge to attain the right angle – this hairstyle never goes out of the go-to hairstyles. Beach waves are over the top this year and in fact, go well with the known haircuts, adding waves to the V-cut layer style would definitely do more presentation and aesthetics.

With this hairstyle, modern shag can also be incorporated. Layering the hair in a shaggy style and forming the edgy ends to attain the V-cut, is definitely something to look forward to!

Wavy bob – Basically, this is just a bob cut with the twist of having the beach waves. Not only that it adds patterns and style to the hair, but it also adds thickness and volume to it too (note that this is highly dependent on the texture and the thickness of your hair going for a really short bob cut may result in excessive puffiness) thus, this hairstyle is best for women with medium hair length. The wavy bob hairstyle compliments most of the face shapes 

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Trendy haircuts for girls with long hair:

They say the easiest length to style is long hair, given the variety of options you can do to a hair with this length creativity is the limit when styling this kind of hair. Most haircuts for girls with long hair can fit or complement any face shape too. 

In the year, the usual haircuts for long hair are still super in style with the additional detail of the beach wave and hair colours. 

Here are hairstyles to consider for women with long hair this year

Layers and Shag – Over the years, these hairstyles are the most common go-to haircuts for women with long hair. It just adds more surprise and details to a rather straight long hair. 

The layers and shag hairstyle is never out of style in whatever era it is in the hair and fashion industry, it just blends well with many occasions and outfits however this year, the layers and shag hairstyle has a new facade to it and yes, you guess it right – the beach waves. Layering the hair on different levels and adding the curls and waves of this year!

Aside from these hairstyles, you can opt in adding balayage hair colours to your waves and curls for emphasis and contrast – this too is part of the hairstyles that will make up 2022 for girls with long hair. 

It’s fascinating how simple hair can be so much more as time and season change. How art can find its way to be incorporated into the hair. From the simple buns and ponytails to the intricately done hair braids, monotone hair colours to multi-coloured layers that add a funky vibe to the hair. 

Whatever hairstyle you choose for yourself this year, make sure to wear your crowns with confidence and pride!