8 Key Social Media Activities for Smart Marketers

Social media activities

Do you want to spruce up your internet marketing game? Then, the golden rule is to work more on improving your social media activity. Over half of the world’s population are active on social media; more than one million joining the social media clan for the first time over the last year.

If you are a digital marketing specialist running your business, it is important to understand how you make the most of your accounts present on social media.

Bear with me throughout as I give some suggestions on running your social media activities without working your tail off.

Get your hands on these 8 Social Media Activities

The best part of social media marketing is that it is accessible to all businesses irrespective of their size and stage. All you need to do is get your creative juices flowing and experiment with various social media features available to all. Don’t be much excited, patience is the secret sauce here!


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#1: Ask other accounts to share your content

Create a high-value of content applicable to your target audience and reach out to your influencers to share the good news to their huge social media family. Identify influencers that belong to your niche and request them to share your content.

Use an analytics tool like BuzzSumo. This will surely turn heads and bring you a potential audience as your brand gets visuality on different social media circles.

#2: Summarize your campaign through ‘moments’

twitter best feature

Twitter offers an amazing ‘moments’ feature that allows us to create and curate longer-form content by developing collections of notable tweet conversation or commentary into an interesting message. This feature works well when you are running a social media campaign as it gives a seamless experience to your tweets, photos, and videos.

“According to Wordstream, more than 80% of Twitter users watch videos and almost half of social media users watch at least an hour of video via Facebook or YouTube daily. “

I think this helps in gaining trust, as it serves all memories at a glance.

#3: Do a live Q&A session

twitter's periscope app

Twitter’s live-streaming app ‘Periscope’ can add an immense customer service value to your online business. Host a 5-minute Periscope stream showcasing some behind-the-scenes, a quick Q&A ors a live video to demo products and likewise. Twitter’s feed algorithm prioritizes videos from Periscope which is helpful for your account.

Don’t forget to do live streams on Facebook, Snapchat too!

#4: Craft an engaging Snapchat story

snapchat story

Prepare a good story structure with a teaser followed by the main part i.e. the meat in the sandwich and end it with CTAs or coupon codes. Following these three stages will shape your story and construct a compelling narrative for the readers. Make sure your stories are short highlighting the meaty part and an end-frame to reward your audience to bring more traffic and engagement.

Want a hike in engagement rates? Go Snapchat!

#5: Adding a tinge of humor

Adding a tinge of humor

Incorporating jokes into your brand can make it more appealing and memorable. Netflix creates its jokes revolving around its ‘OWN’ content. Be thankful for twitter as it gives you a chance to create some good humor around your brand. Adding a tone or personality to your brand works well and enhances overall engagement on social.

What’s better than building your whole brand over humor and bring smiles on your audience?

#6: Work on creating authentic/creative ways to connect on social media

Authenticity plays a massive role while you venture out finding innovative ideas to connect. As we all know, several brands are coming up with newer ideas to make them stand out from other brands. Several beauty campaigns have smartly induced beauty with self-esteem and actually, their products do work.

People love creative, real and relatable content that is lying in abundance on social media. As a part of their marketing plan, some brands use bad PR and discuss their imperfections in the open. This is what our customers want: transparency.

Take your customer complaints seriously and become an improved version of your brand. Make efforts, it may be a complete flop but your audience is watching all your hard work and will surely praise you for it at some point.

#7: Lure your customers with some behind-the-scenes content

customers with some behind-the-scenes content

A small teaser into the making of a solitaire ring or food preparations, etc. It is the best way to connect with your users. A Livestream’s study suggests that about 87% of people would prefer watching a live video if it meant seeing more behind-the-scenes content.

It gives a sneak peek into your production and the people who are working hard to offer the best products and services. Such videos generate more leads and traffic as it builds a stronger bond and trust among your customers.

The Avengers’ actors played it well!

#8: Leverage on the ‘reaction’ button on Facebook

Leverage on the ‘reaction’ button on Facebook

This is a hot thing buzzing around that helps your users to express beyond likes. These 6 animated reaction buttons like Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry are far better and looks descent than a dislike button. Isn’ t it?

These buttons are mostly used by friends, family or brands to express their level of interest to a certain topic. More the love and wow reactions, better the content strategy.

Bottom line

Social Media Marketing is huge and tacky, all you need is some patience and you will surely get success if you go the right way. It gives an unprecedented opportunity for your business with various innovative features, filters, and functions provided by social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.

Just follow the footsteps of big brands and try to come up with a creative idea to promote your brand. For your next social media campaign, use these tools and see the difference.

Few expert tips:

  1. Create messages that are short, simple, crisp and meaningful. Add a personal touch to your content with little humor and engaging captions.


  1. Don’t focus only on building your follower list instead, aim to build better and long-term relationships.


  1. Be responsive in answering your customer comments.


  1. Always experiment. Take a risk in creating something unique and trying different social media platforms.


  1. Don’t be behind curtains; build relationships by communicating frequently.


Author Bio:

The author Jimit Shah works as a marketing manager at e-Intelligence. They are equipped with the right innovative strategy, technical knowledge, and a professional team to help achieve business goals.

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