iPhone cannot verify server identity – How to fix it accurately?

You might have seen “Cannot verify server identity” on your iPhone device, and this lets you land on this page. If the same scenario has been raised don’t worry because here we are helping you to resolve the problem without waiting even a single second.

What is iPhone cannot verify server identity issue?

Whenever cannot verify server identity message from the team, it is helping you to figure out that the mail server certificate is fake. This problem arises due to the state verification of mail server certificates on your iPhone. This is a very common issue, and there is no need for a user to worry about anything because there are solutions to fix it easily.

Solutions to fix iPhone cannot verify server identity issue:-

Restart your iPhone:

Restarting your iPhone is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the problem iPhone cannot verify server identity. It will fix the Minor software Glitch that may contribute to this problem. When you restart your iPhone wait for almost five minutes after starting to reach the same page again. If you are in a hurry, there might be a chance the problem arises again.

Close the mail app and again open it:

If restarting has not fixed the problem, we suggest you restart the mail app again, for sometimes the mail app is not working properly at that moment as well iPhone cannot verify server identity arises.

Understanding the problem, sometimes there is a Glitch in application software that can contribute to it. Therefore close the app and wait for 2-3 minutes while opening it again.

Delete the email account and add it again:

We all know when it’s been so long as we are using the same platform, it becomes quite too difficult for the device to allow was having access to it again. At that moment, the need to delete the email account arises. Don’t worry, the account will not going to get deleted forever; instead, you need to perform the login again. When you delete it, this will reset the email server identity certificate, which lets you perform the action again. The steps for it are as follows:-

#1. At the very first, open the setting app.

#2. Move to account and password.

#3. Under the account section, look at the email you are looking forward to deleting.

#4. The red delete account button appears. Click on it.

#5. Confirm the alert appeared.

The account has been deleted, and now you need to re-enter the account. For re-entering, the steps are as follows:-

#1. Open the setting apps

#2. Tap on accounts and passwords

#3. Hit on the add account option

#4. Select the mail service provider

#5. Now add on the mail and mention the details

Reset all the settings:

If not even a single method is working in your favor, reset all the settings. Resetting will fix all the software issues and let you have access to the platform easily. Don’t worry. There will be no data get removed from your device. But make sure you are following the right steps. The steps are as follows

#1. Open the Settings app

#2. Move to general

#3. The reset option is there. Click on it

#4. Now it on reset all settings.

#5. It will ask for a passcode or restriction passcode; if you have put it, mention it and confirm the reset all Setting Alert appears.

#6. Within no time, the settings will get resettled, and you are ready to get access to it again.


Can we have come to an end and enclosed all the best methods through which you can easily fix the iPhone cannot verify server identity problem? There is no need for it to worry about it because it is just a minor issue problem new. After following any of the above-mentioned methods, the problem will not persist there at all. If still, the problem persists, do let us know, and we will help you to get rid of it.

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