How to Install & Download Third-Party Apps on Samsung Smart TV (Complete Guide)

Install & Download Third-Party Apps on Samsung Smart TV: A Samsung smart tv has been able to beat the competition in the market since the time it came. It is in demand due to its numerous features. Though there are various amazing applications pre-installed on the TV yet you can download other third-party apps as well.

Well, these apps can be those which are made by Samsung and even made by other developers too. Sometimes, people get confused while installing third-party apps on Samsung tv. So here are the different ways that you can go while installing them on your smart tv.

Settings need to do in Samsung smart tv

Before you install and download any app other than pre-installed ones, you need to do some settings on your TV. Here are the settings that you must go for:

Allow installation from other unknown sources

Your new Samsung smart tv will require you to allow the installation of any other app first. You just need to allow this feature once in the starting. The steps to allow this feature are:

#1. Go to settings

#2. Click on the personal tab

#3. Click on the Security tab

#4. Enable unknown sources tab

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Enable developer mode

To allow developer mode, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

#1. Go to settings

#2. Go to smart hub

#3. Click on the Apps tab

#4. Type 12345 as a default pin

#5. Enable to developer mode

#6. Enter the IP address 

#7. Click OK

#8. Restart your Samsung smart tv

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How to install third-party apps

After you make the required settings in your smart TV, you are now ready to install any other party apps by following just a few steps. You will be surprised to know that there are three solutions to successfully install them. 

Method 1 – using an APK file

#1. Launch the browser

#2. Search apksure website

#3. Search the third-party app you want to install

#4. Click on the apk file

#5. Click on the install tab

#6. Follow the other instructions that you see on your TV screen

Method 2 – using the command prompt on a PC

#1. Go to settings

#2. Click on the network option

#3. Click on information

#4. Enter the IP address of your smart tv

#5. Open your windows 10 computer

#6. Launch the command prompt

#7. Enter your TV’s IP address

#8. Type install D\install.apk.

#9. Type your TV’s IP address again to disconnect your TV from your computer.

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Method 3 – using a USB flash drive or a thumb drive

#1. Save the apk file on your USB drive

#2. Insert the USB drive into your Samsung Smart TV

#3. Click on the files and folder option

#4. Click on the apk file

#5. Click on the install option

#6. Click on the Yes option for confirmation

#7. Follow the other instructions that you see on your TV screen.

Final words

Installing and downloading other third-party applications on Samsung smart tv is possible by just following some simple steps carefully. Just make sure to follow every instruction step by step. There are various methods that you can go for as per your requirement. It does not take much time. Moreover, you do not need an expert to do so. You can yourself make changes in the settings of the Smart TV and then download the apps without much hustle-bustle. Just try the methods once and enjoy.

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