How To Watch Twitch on Roku TV? Step by Step Guide

This article will teach you how to watch Twitch on Roku TV step by step.

There are millions of queries on the search engines on how to watch Twitch on Roku TV? Twitch fans explore the whole internet to get an easy way to access it on Roku TV. Twitch is the greatest live streaming platform; it is being made for gaming lovers. It offers a much more and better interface than YouTube and Facebook gaming as its features are far better and easier for streamers to interact with their viewers.

But for some time its creators have made it unique by adding many other types of broadcasts, including IRL (in real life) streams, eSports leagues, music, live sports broadcasts, and many more. So, with this, you can watch gamers play different games like PUBG, Minecraft, FIFA 18, etc. You can even broadcast your own gaming content with others, it also supports live chat, you can find multiplayer games and IRL easily with the intuitive interface.

So, getting twitch on Roku is quite complicated, as amazon discontinued its official Twitch app from the Roku channel store. And if someone uses it on Roku then unfortunately after a period of time it was also discontinued. In other words, there is no official version of the Twitch channel available for Roku. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to watch the stream or access the Roku twitch app. 

There are many alternative ways in which you can access twitch on Roku TV. For doing this keep reading the full article and don’t skip any step. Let’s discuss the method to watch Twitch; Worldreboot on GitHub has been working on an unofficial twitch client named Twoku for Roku devices. So, let’s discuss how to add Twoku to your Roku TV.

How To Watch Twitch On Roku?

STEP 1: Open browser on your computer or mobile/iPhone and go to 

STEP 2: When you type the URL, you will be directed to the official website.

STEP 3: Here enter your Email and password to sign in to your Roku account.

STEP 4: After logging in, under Manage Accounts go to Add Channel option.

STEP 5: Here, a dialog box will appear in a new window, in which you will enter a channel access code to add a channel.

STEP 6: Type TWOKU in the dialog box and click on add channel.

STEP 7: After clicking on add channel a warning will appear, read it properly and click on OK to proceed further.

STEP 8: A confirmation box will appear in which the icon of the channel also appears, click on YES, Add Channel.

You have almost done it. Twoku channel will be added to your list.

Now go to the Roku TV and search for the TWOKU in the listed channels. If you don’t see it here follow the steps mentioned below:

1. On your Roku TV go to SETTINGS using the remote arrows.

2. In Settings go down to SYSTEM.

3. And in the system go to SYSTEM UPDATES and go to CHECK NOW.

4. It will check for the channels newly installed on the ROKU TV.

Now check again your TWOKU CHANNEL you will find all live streams and all the contents of Twitch here.

Features of Twoku (Twitch Reloaded) are listed below, also it may have some bugs as it is still in an alpha phase, but many essential features work properly, 

1. You can access stream categories and live channels.

2. From TWOKU you can log in to TWITCH account and view your favorite streamers

3. You can search your Twitch channels also.

4. You can also browse and play the last seven days’ clip here.

5. You can also play VOD streams 

6. With live streams, you can also read the Twitch chat

Now let’s move to the other question which arises in your mind: “How to watch Twitch on Roku with Twoku?” 

1. The first step is to adding Twoku to the Roku account.

2. When you Launch Twoku first time, you will be sent to the main page immediately.

3. Enter your username & it will automatically fetch the list of channels you follow. Also, you don’t even need to enter your password.

4. And from the categories section of Twoku, you can browse genres and games you are interested in.

5. You can go to the search bar menu to search your favorite streamers or categories using the on-screen keyboard.

6. Also, there’s the option for live channels. It allows you to rewind and fast-forward the Twitch streams by using Roku remote also.


As we all know that Amazon has discontinued Twitch on Roku TV, so as all the alternative ways are also arising like TWITCHED, TWITCHED ZERO and TTV Stream also offers to view Twitch on the Roku Tv but they are also not able to perform well and stopped working on the Roku TV. That’s why we don’t discuss these alternatives and mention only the correct which is found worth for everybody. TWOKU is one of the trusted and best ways/platforms to watch Twitch on Roku TV. And in this article, we’ve provided the step-by-step guide to watch Twitch on Roku TV.

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