How To Watch Hotstar On TV? (Disney+ Hotstar) Complete Guide

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We know that using a Hotstar app with a premium membership gives you a better entertainment experience. Specifically, when people watch Hotstar on TV. It enhances the overall entertainment experience of internet users. Therefore, to get sports content and many more categories, users use Hotstar on TV.

As you may have idea that Hotstar has now changed its name to Disney + Hotstar. Thanks to this collaboration, you can save the money that you spent on a cable connection. Additionally, smart TVs now have an inbuilt Hotstar app on Amazon. But, if you are looking for using Hotstar without having a smart TV, then refer to this article. We will give a step-by-step procedure to activate Hotstar on your conventional TVs.

Hotstar, with its premium quality and few ads, offers a great experience for watching content on TV. Not only Sports content but also a variety of TV channels from the Star Family.

How to Use Hotstar On TV?

Practically, there are three ways you can use to run a Hotstar app on your TV. We will go through each in detail, with steps for the procedure required. So, read this article till the end and select your preferred ways to use Hotstar on TV.

How to Use Chromecast to Cast your Mobile TV?

A few things are essential in this way, like home WiFi connection, Android phone, TV with HDMI port, and Chromecast device. Casting your Hotstar app from mobile TV is simple with Chromecast with the following few yet easy steps.

1. The first step is to plugin your Chromecast device in the HDMI port of your TV.

2. The next task is to download Google Home App on your iOS or Android device.

3. After that, set up Chromecast on your cell phone device. It will show a message like Your TV is ready.

4. Open your Hotstar app and click the cast icon on the top right corner.

5. This way, you can watch your mobile content on your big screen TV with the help of a Chromecast device. 

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How to Use Hotstar On TV With Amazon FireStick?

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Step 1:- Connect Amazon FireStick Device To Your TV

1. Either you can connect through the HDMI cable extender or connect this device directly to the HDMI port. 

2. Connect the Amazon FireStick Device charger with a power socket. Connect the middle charger with FireStick Device.

3. After that, select an HDMI from the options. You can do it by pressing the INPUT button on your TV remote.

4. Sometimes, there are two HDMI ports. So, you have to select any of them according to the inserted port. If you have a connected set-top box, it will connect to the AV2 porta of your TV. It means that you are allowed to run both your cable TV as well as FireStick Device. 

Step 2:- Set-up Device:

Following instructions are a must for setting up your TV.

1. You require to connect it with your Home WiFi. Log in with your Amazon account. It will help you syncing and accessing your content between devices.

2. After that, access your Amazon app from the homepage.

Step 3:- Run Your Hotstar App On Amazon Interface

1. As soon as you run your Hotstar app, you require to sign in with your Hotstar premium account.

2. We can say that it is one of the best ways to connect Hotstar with your TV. It is because FireStick Device offers much more than Hotstar App. It means that you have access to unlimited content without interruption. 

3. In this method, you have to prepare a few things before you can use Hotstar on your TV. It includes a TV with an HDMI port, WiFi connection/mobile data connection, and Amazon FireStick.

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Use Hotstar On Your TV With Laptop & HDMI Port:

In this simple way, you require a TV with HDMI ports, a laptop with an HDMI port, and of course, an HDMI cable.

We know that most people can not afford to purchase Amazon FireStick. So, there is one more way that you can use it without spending your dollars. However, we still recommend you to use FireStick for using Hotstar app on your TV. It is because it will be worth it. Now, go through this procedure.

In this pocket-friendly way, you require a laptop to watch Hotstar on TV without FireStick. You can buy HDMI ports easily at cheaper rates. Connecting your PC with the help of these ports is simple, and you can run Hotstar on your PC.

The only condition that must be fulfilled is that your TV and laptop both need an HDMI port. Let me make it simple for you. In General, it is like casting the content on your laptop or smartphone devices to big screens like TV. It is known as one of the quickest and cost-effective methods to run the Hotstar app on your TV. 

Note:- there is one drawback with this process. All the time, you have to keep your laptop connected with your TV through HDMI ports. Additionally, it does not facilitate you to control the content of your PC from farther with a TV remote. For that, you require something like a wireless keyboard. 

Watch Your Hotstar Content On Your Smart TVs & Android TVs:

Like we discussed above, you can easily access Hotstar content on your smart TVs. So let us quickly cover this topic for you.

Download Disney Hotstar App:

Your first step is to get your app from the app store or play store. It is because many smart TVs do not have an inbuilt Hotstar app, but some have. So, on some TVs, you require to get a Hotstar app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Hit the left button on your TV remote and open the Hotstar options menu. Scroll down to the last option, where you can see MY ACCOUNT. Select the My Account option, and then click OK. 

At that particular moment, a set of instructions is shown to you having four characters code. That code helps you in activating your paid subscription on your TV. When you visit the Hotstar website, you have to enter the same code on your phone. 

For that, open any of your favorite browsers and go to the Hotstar website. Or you can click on the following link. Link:-

There, it will ask you to log in, and you can log in to your Hotstar Account. After that, enter the code that is available on your TV screen.

 As soon as you enter the code, it finishes the confirmation process and sends you a confirmation message on your TV screen. 

However, many users face issues while running the Hotstar app on their TVs. You can solve this issue by updating your Hotstar app version. Or you can solve it by reinstalling the app from the respective app stores.

Final Words:

Did you find a satisfactory answer to your queries regarding how to watch Hotstar on TV? We tried our best to keep this article as simple as we could so that you can use the information to watch Hotstar on your TV. Please let us know if it was helpful to you.

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