How To View Full Desktop Site on Chrome Android Phone?

Today we will explain how to View Full Desktop Site on Chrome Android Phone. Whenever we try to fill out any form or want to read the data in tabular form the side edges are always hidden on the mobile screen. The edges automatically cut the website width higher than the screen resolution.

There is only an option to view it properly on the desktop site. And we can view the full desktop site on a chrome android phone with some easy steps.

To avoid these types of issues we can open the desktop view on a mobile phone through chrome to load the site in full desktop view without compromising the screen size.

Steps to view the desktop site on chrome Android phone

1. Open the Chrome browser on Android

2. Launch any website that you want to see in Desktop mode

3. Tap on the three dots button on the Top menu Bars option

Three dots

4. Select the check box one against the Desktop site

Desktop site

5. The page will automatically Reload

6. The Desktop site is view will be disabled on the Mobile phone

By following these steps you can view the full-screen view of any website on your android mobile phone. It gives you a good experience like the desktop view.

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It happens many times when I have to go through websites on my phone when my desktop is not working. At that time some websites were really misbehaving and did not open the tab properly. I understand that it makes some trouble for you to open this type of website on your phone.

The mobile view responsive and mobile site is always preferred on the mobile phone. Having the limited size on the mobile screen, we often miss and lack some pages and menus on the mobile that are available when we open on the desktop. There are some sites that can only be open on desktop sites but on mobile, it is cropped from some sides. We can neither zoom it nor view it in rotation.

You can experience the full desktop site view on chrome by enabling the desktop view.

The desktop view can be loaded automatically on the small screen and when you try to load the site on the chrome android browser. After download, the desktop view helps me to browse the desktop sites, even my phone, without any difficulties.

Even when I was using the desktop browser I could do my work without any worry. It’s all thanks to desktop view mode on chrome. It made my work easier. The versions of some mobile websites are limited and do not show all the features which are available on the desktop site. You can easily change the desktop version of a website on your android phone and access the full-screen features of the website.

Most people use their Mobile devices for web browsing and also for making purchases, online shopping and most websites are now designing the mobile version of their websites to contain the features which are available on the desktop web. That makes people extremely happy. Some mobile sites are less user-friendly and getting trouble with the desktop version on the website.

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However, you may still come across certain websites that offer the version of the websites on your mobile browsers in order to speed up the web pages and other design considerations. Also, Google released an update on chrome for android users, by adding some new key features, which have the ability to change the desktop version of any Website.

Some websites have different versions that appear depending on the device that you’re using. On a phone, the interface is usually not perfect and big to fit in the smaller screens. You have tended to see the full-screen version on your mobile phone or even tablet if the resolution is high enough.

While this is fine if the mobile site is designed well but, it isn’t always ideal if it lacks features or some other issues and doesn’t work properly, which is just plain annoying when compared to the version on the desktop. 

This can be a particular problem when using an Android phone, as you might end up seeing the mobile version, leaving you with acres of empty space on your screen. Well, it is not difficult, it’s very easy to default to the desktop version on the mobile screen. In this article, you know how to change your mobile screen in desktop view on chrome.

Now it is standard for websites to have a mobile version. Conveniently, we can browse the website with a mostly mobile-optimized experience. You can browse the mobile web and see the desktop version of websites on an android phone.

Browsing with the desktop site may be preferable if you have a larger device. You can also check the layout of a web page on a chrome browser. Some websites may prioritize the desktop web, which could make the mobile buggy.

 Android devices can change the desktop version of web pages very well If you think there would be no need for mobile versions of websites anymore. I guess they come in handy some of the time and need to open the website on the mobile screen. A version of mobile site web pages load fast, but sometimes they can be more functional and display improperly, or provide way fewer options than the mobile version. Once you change it on the desktop version you are able to see all the websites without any screen issue.


Viewing the proper website on the phone sometimes creates some trouble and does not open properly on time. In this article, we all discuss these issues and give you some steps to change the version of the mobile screen by which it is convenient for you to make your work easier. To change the option setting from mobile version to desktop version is easily available on your chrome also you can change it by firefox, opera, and many more. In this article, by following the steps you can change your mobile version to a desktop site and can check any websites without any screen lock on your mobile.

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