How To Use Instagram Stories To Kill Instagram Algorithm?

The Instagram algorithm monitors the people’s engagement and concludes that massive users are focusing on Instagram stories. Here, we will discuss on how to use Instagram stories to kill Instagram algorithm.

According to the report, Instagram stories acquire above 350 million active users every day(which is double the count of Snapchat). The primary purpose of Instagram stories is to connect or engage with your fans. Uploading story content regularly on the platform sparks your Instagram algorithm to take your posts to the Explore page, where you receive vast engagement.

How To Use Instagram Stories To Kill Instagram Algorithm

Nowadays, Instagram stories have become a necessary part of your marketing strategy on Instagram. It shines as a perfect spot to develop brand awareness, drive engagement, drive more traffic, and make massive eCommerce sales.

Here are the magnificent features you could utilize within the Instagram stories section to kill the algorithm on the platform:

Utilize Every Feature Of Instagram Stories

The Instagram algorithm monitors the total time taken by viewers on your content as a point in calculating its popularity. So you want to stop your fans from scrolling fast from your content. How do you do that?

Great info is that Instagram stories introduce new features every few months providing IG users a great way to engage or interact with their followers. You could utilize all of these features via tapping the sticker option from your screen’s top while uploading your story content.

Try applying locations, hashtags, stickers, and GIFs regularly to reach more people. By using every feature, you can bring most users to spend more time on your Stories section on the platform. Recently, Instagram launched the “Type” option where every user can write what’s in their mind with attractive text backgrounds and styles.

Cheer Audience Interaction On IG

The IG algorithm also monitors the interactions you get on your story’s content(replies and when any user shares your story content with another one). If users interact more with your story content on the platform, it increases the chance of showcasing your posts on their feed.

Using poll features, you can take advantage of Instagram stories to gain engagements. You could utilize poll stickers to engage or interact with your target audience in many ways. For instance, you could use polls to get your product reviews or entertain your fans. Encouraging interaction helps develop a deeper connection, but it helps in gaining real Instagram story views and reaching the maximum audience. 

The IG algorithm brings the stories that display at your feed’s top. Usually, the story content in your front line is from the profiles you engage most. 

Keep Your Brand More Aesthetic

Not only is your IG feed crucial for your brand’s aesthetic, but it’s essential for your Instagram stories too. Users want to recognize your brand while seeing your story content without viewing your name. There are multiple ways for your Instagram stories branding within the platform using various fonts, stickers, and brush options. Using these ways, you can bring up exciting stories and develop a unique brand aesthetic. 

Include Links In Your IG Stories

Recently, IG introduced the “Swipe Up” feature, enabling users to add a clickable link to the Instagram story content. It’s the only way for Instagram users to add a link in their posts other than their bio section. 

This feature applies to every business profile that has over 10K+ followers. You can add a “Swipe Up” link to your Instagram stories if you fulfill these requirements. It helps you grab your viewers to land on your respective target pages like product pages, web campaigns, blog pages, etc.

Including links to your IG story contents not only helps you to grab more traffic to your sites, but it also indicates the Instagram algorithm to take your content up for including it in your strategy.

Include Location Stickers And Hashtags In Your IG Stories

A few months back, Instagram elaborated the Search & Explore page to add location & hashtag stories. If you include location or hashtag tags in your IG story content, Instagram users can get your story content when they search for that specific location or hashtag. In simple words, you can get your story content to a new audience, and if they love your content, it’s a high chance to grab a new following

Click the location sticker and mention your story location to include a location. Then your story content would display at the top when anyone searched for that specific location. Including hashtags in your IG stories is an easy thing. You could either use a hashtag sticker or write with the # symbol to add hashtags to your Instagram stories. 

If your IG story content appears on the Explore page, you will get a notification from the platform. Thus you can get who views your IG stories from your IG Insights.

Create Story Ads On Instagram

The story ads display between normal stories on the platform. As more IG users spend more time on the Instagram story section, the story ads help in increasing your visibility to huge new audiences.

You can either select a video or photo for creating a story ad on Instagram. Ensure to bring an attractive intro to grab users to your story post who scrolls fast through their IG stories.

Observe Your Success With IG Stories Analytics

You can get the Instagram Insights option for your IG stories if you have a business profile on the platform. Analyzing more on IG stories insights helps you know what’s working well for your IG stories spot and saves you great time & effort.

Launch your IG profile and click on the “Insights” option to get the Instagram stories insights. Now scroll to the stories option and click “Get Started.” Then you have access to reach, impressions, and various metrics relevant to your Instagram stories. 

The analytics of Instagram stories provides you a clear point of who is moving away or who stays consistently. It helps you more in optimizing your IG stories’ content strategy. And also, there are multiple tools available online that provide deeper analytics for your Instagram stories.

Summing Words

Utilize every Instagram update to bring intense connection, optimize your IG stories strategy, and create HQ content. Testing every feature related to your Instagram stories helps you beat the algorithm and helps to take you one step ahead of your competitors.

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