How To Unlock Bootloader On Samsung Phones? Complete Guide

Probably you would have never heard these long, technical words before if you are not a tech-savvy person. Today we will explain how to unlock the bootloader on Samsung phones. Firstly let’s get a better understanding of boot loading and let’s uncomplicate things! Shall we? 

So by default, your Samsung device would come with a locked bootloader and you will not be able to access it without unlocking it. Let us get a better understanding!

What Is a Bootloader?

A bootloader may be a pretty familiar term if you are associated with the technical field or If you are well versed at coding in different languages. To explain to a layman, in simple words a bootloader is a prewritten code or set of instructions understandable by the computer or the Samsung device. 

What do these instructions or prewritten codes do?

The specific set of instructions or code is always meant to be run or executed before the starting or booting of your Samsung device. Without the code being run the android operating system on your Samsung mobile cannot begin. However, in order to gain any time access to this bootloader, it needs to be unlocked. 

Why should you unlock the bootloader on your Samsung mobile?

As a non-technical person, you must definitely have this doubt in your mind. What actually are the benefits you would get by unlocking the bootloader on your Samsung device? If you’re a tech-savvy person then you must obviously know the advantages of unlocking the bootloader. However, if you do not know the benefits, continue to read on till the end of the article! The most common use of unlocking the bootloader on your Samsung device is to initiate custom recoveries. 

What are custom recoveries and how is it useful?

Let us give you an example to explain this in a better way. Suppose that you dropped your phone into a bucket of water. What would happen? The answer is obvious, the hardware would stop working and you would need to get a new phone. Now you are disappointed about this because your phone had very important data and now you will be unable to revive it. Here is where custom recoveries will be extremely useful. You can use custom recoveries to recover the data from your old phone and then easily transfer it to your new phone! So now you know how useful it is!

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How to unlock the bootloader on your Samsung mobile phone?

To unlock the bootloader on your Samsung device there are numerous methods you can do. You can follow any method which you find more convenient. However, today we would be explaining in detail the best and the easiest method to unlock the bootloader on your Samsung mobile phone.  The method has been tested and tried, so do not worry! Hang on with us for a while and get a better understanding of it!


This is the most straightforward and slightly complicated method to unlock the bootloader. It is also the most widely used method and the officially recommended method. 

Step 1  Firstly you are required to enable the developer options, USB debugging, OEM unlocking on your Samsung mobile phone. 

  • To enable developer options, go to the settings of your Samsung device and proceed to the about section. You will be able to spot a build number option that you are supposed to tap on 7 times. That’s all, you have successfully enabled developer options
  • To enable USB debugging, go to the settings of your Samsung mobile phone. Find the developer options in the settings and click on them. Once the developer options are opened you’ll be able to see an option to enable USB debugging
  • For OEM unlocking, again open the developer options wherein you will be able to see an option to enable OEM unlocking. 

Step 2 Now on your PC or laptop, download and install 15 seconds ADB and Fastboot. To install it 

  • Open the installer on your PC and press “Y” to install ADB and Fastboot. 
  • Next, you would see a set of instructions on your monitor. To continue press “Y” again.
  • The installation wizard would start running on your computer, click on continue, and grant permission for installation. 
  • Upon the finishing of the installation, you have successfully completed the installation process. 

Step 3– Now you are supposed to connect your Samsung mobile phone to your PC. You can do this easily with your data cable or even your charging cable. Simply detach the adaptor of the charger and plug it into your laptop or PC. A pop would appear on your Samsung mobile screen asking you to grant permission for USB debugging. Once you grant permission, you have successfully managed to connect your Samsung mobile phone to your PC. 

Step 4 Once you are done with step 3, you are supposed to open the command prompt on your PC or laptop. If you are not familiar with this you can simply type the command prompt in the search option of your PC. After opening the command prompt, you have to type a few commands. Which we have below listed below. 

  • Command 1-  ADB devices

You will now get a confirmation message, telling you that your device has successfully been detected. 

  • Command 2- ADB reboot bootloader

After you put in this command, your phone should instantly reboot. However, in some cases it doesn’t reboot by itself, when this happens you can reboot it manually by the traditional method of Pressing and holding the volume button until your phone turns off. After your phone reboots, it would be set into bootloader mode. 

  • Command 3- fastboot flashing unlock

You can use the volume button to navigate up and down across the bootloader menu. And then the on-screen prompt would appear, which you must accept. CautionDo not rush in this step, any mistake could lead to the deletion of all the data on your phone. Wait for the process to be completed and then type in the next command. 

  • Command 4- fastboot reboot 

This was the last and final command of the process. Your phone will now reboot. Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked the bootloader on your Samsung device! 


Now you have successfully unlocked the bootloader on your Samsung mobile phone. You can access and initiate custom recovery by yourself and revive all the data you have lost!

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