How To Type a Degree ° Symbol On PC, Mac, Android & iOS

In this article, you’ll know How to type ° “degree symbol” on your PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. The degree sign or symbol is commonly used when we writing about the weather or angle measurement.

#1. Type ° on PC

Keep holding down the Alt key, and on the right side on the numeric keypad, type 248 or 0176.

#2. Type Degree on Mac

Press Option Shift 8.

#3. How To Type Degree on Android Phone

1) Select any App in your android mobile.

Messaging app

2) Type “?123″ or “?1☺”

Type degree symbol

3) Then type “=\<“

Type degree symbol

Here you can see ° (Degree) Sign on Android

Degree Symbol or sign

#4. Type Degree on iOS

On your iPhone or iPad Keyboard…

a) Press the “123” button to appear the numerical keypad.
b) Here you can access degree symbol by typing and holding the 0 (Zero) key until the degree sign appears.
c) And then slide your finger to the degree symbol until the ° is highlighted and release.

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