How To Switch To HDMI On Laptop Windows 10?

If you are looking for a guide to switch your HDMI on laptop windows 10, here is a helpful tutorial, and I will guide you through the detailed information on HDMI and laptops. In general, you have to choose the correct HDMI input on your TV.

When laptops don’t give an output of screen to the TV, you have to go to CONTROL PANEL>DISPLAY>ADJUST RESOLUTION and then choose your TV from the drop-down box.

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Enable HDMI On Laptop Windows 10:

To set the HDMI device as a default device, tap on VOLUME ICON and choose PLAYBACK DEVICE by newly opening PLAYBACK TAN. After that, choose DIGITAL OUTPUT or HDMI and then choose SET DEFAULT> OK. Now your HDMI port output sound has been set to default. 

Change Your HDMI On Laptop Windows 10:

Plugin another side of the cable onto the HDMI IN port of your TV or monitor. Click on the volume icon seen on the windows taskbar and select SOUNDS and PLAYBACK. Tap on DIGITAL OUTPUT DEVICE (HDMI) and click on APPLY to turn audio/video functions for the HDMI port. 

Know Choosing Monitor Input To HDMI:

To know how you can connect your monitor or TV with an HDMI connection, read this. Shut your computer down, turn off your TV or monitor. Then after connecting your HDMI cable to the computer and display. After that, Turn the Display on and choose HDMI input as the input source to view. Now, it is set, and you can turn your computer on.

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Change Your Computer Output To HDMI:

To know how you can change your computer output to HDMI, read this. You have to turn your monitor off and shut your computer down. Connect your HDMI cable with the computer and display, and then turn ON its Display. After that, similar to the previous one, choose HDMI input as a source view and turn your computer on. 

Is Not Your Laptop Connecting To Your TV With HDMI Cable?

If you think your laptop is not connecting to the TV through HDMI cable, you have to go into your laptop or PC SETTINGS and make sure you have designated HDMI as a default output connection. If there is no image shown on your TV screen from your computer, you may require to boot up your laptop or PC, keeping your HDMI cable connected to the TV (while TV is ON).

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Do Laptops Have HDMI Ports?

Almost all laptops and PCs have HDMI output when considering video. They may have HDMI outputs or VGA outputs. They are connected to the chipset of your computer. The main reason to find yourself unable to get your laptop connected with your TV is to become unable to identify the location of the HDMI output of audio/video. Also, you have to know the HDMI port on your TV or monitor. 

Any HDMI port on a laptop is an output port and used only to connect the computer with a monitor and TV. If you try to give video input to it, it can not accept it. 

Here Is How To Set-up HDMI As Default Output:

It is easy to do. You have to tap on Set Default and click on OK. It will be set to default. However, if you do not have seen the DIGITAL OUTPUT DEVICE or HDMI option in the PLAYBACK TAB, click on that BLANK PLACE. Then, tap on SHOW CONNECTED DEVICES and SHOW ENABLED DEVICES.

Final Thoughts:

Were you unable to switch your HDMI port on laptop windows 10? I have explained it in the easiest way to help you out from the problem. If you have other doubts regarding HDMI and laptop connectivity with the TV, you must read the above sections carefully to solve your queries. Let us know your thoughts about connecting your HDMI port to your TV. If this tutorial solved your issues, do not forget to share your experiences to help other users solve their queries.

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