How To Set Up A Western Email? Step By Step Guide

Set Up a Western Email: Email is one of the most common and ever-important forms of communication. Almost all official communication between employees, companies, shareholders, and even the CEOs happens through email.

Emails are in such wide use because they are so secure! Phone calls and other modes of communication can be hacked into, but to hack into somebody’s mailbox would need exceptional hacking abilities. But what is western email? Have you ever heard of it? In this article, we are going to give you all the insights about setting up a western email and guide you through the whole topic.

Also, often called outlook, Western emails are nothing but an email that establishes communication between two people in the western. They are a safe and sound method to communicate messages and other important data. 

Who is eligible to set up a Western Email?

All the students currently pursuing studies at western, all the alumni fraternity, teachers, and other faculty members are permitted to have a western email (e.g. They must all use the western email only for official communication and must log in at 

How to set up a Western Email?

For Windows users

Windows users have to install the Outlook app either the 2016 or the 2019 version to set up a western email

1. Firstly open the outlook version you have installed on your window PC or laptop 

2. Look at the top left corner where you should see an option called file. Slide your cursor to the top left corner and click on the file option 

3. When you’re done, click on the file option and you would see a new screen. On the screen, you can easily locate ‘add account’. You are then supposed to click on the add account

4. Your computer screen then leads you to a screen wherein you’re asked to enter your login credentials, enter the username and password in the required field, and then click on sign in. 

5. You’ve successfully managed to configure and set up your western email on your Windows computer. 

For mac os users

If you’re a mac user then you must install Outlook on your PC from the app store. You must have either the 2016 or the 2019 version. 

1. Firstly you’re required to open outlook on your PC or laptop. Then hover your eyes to the top left corner where you would find an outlook option and a menu would drop down upon clicking it. In the drop-down menu, you will see an option called preferences. 

2. Upon clicking on the preferences tab a new screen opens up. On the screen, you must locate the add account option. 

3. The previous screen subsides and another tab opens up. On the bottom left corner, there will be a plus (+) sign.

4. After you click the + sign another dropdown would open up and in this drop-down, you will find a new account option

5. You will be asked to enter your western email and password. Once you enter them, you’re good to go. 

You can also access outlook through the Internet browser. All you must do is search for outlook in the search engine, and open up outlook. You will then be asked your western email and password, once you enter the username and password you have access to your western email. 

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When can you get a western email address?

A Western email on your name would be created when

  • If you are a student interested to pursue studies at western and apply through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC).
  • If you’re A new student at western who did not apply through Othe Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). 
  • If you have been hired by the western university as a faculty member. 
  • If you were a student earlier and you have returned to western to study further for a longer duration. 

How long do you have this account?

You possess your western email for an indefinite period of time, it does not come with any sort of expiry date. After graduating from western you don’t need to do anything to your western email. And if you return to the western for further education then you would be assigned the same email address. 

What is the use of your Western email?

Western email is a very useful tool during your stay at western. It is the official means of communication between all the faculty members and students. All the emails coming in from the dean’s office are sent through the western email.

You forgot your password, now what?

Many times it happens so that you are unable to recollect your password. This is a very common issue and may happen to anyone. Well, if you forgot your western email password then you need not worry as there is a very easy method through which you can reset your password. You just have to follow the procedure as listed below.

1. When you want to change your western email password you must go to the western identity manager, at 

2. Click upon passwords and challenge-response options in the profile tab. 

3. You can change and review the challenge-response question by choosing Security > Change My Security Answers. 

4. Then you will be asked to input a new password which you can easily input and reset the password and set a password of your choice. 

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