How to Reset the Password on Xbox one? Simple Process

Today, we will explain how to reset the password on Xbox one.

Xbox one is considered one of the best gaming consoles developed by Microsoft. This was officially launched in May 2013. Xbox One was the successor of the older version of xbox360. This console put more emphasis on cloud gaming as well as social networking.

Xbox one can record and share video clips or screenshots from gameplay. This also allowed live stream directly from your browser. The console can play a Blu-ray disc and can also overlay live programs from your existing set-top box.

Xbox one received positive reviews for its best controller design, multimedia feature, and voice navigation. This console was considered best for its cooling design which got lots of love.

But on the other hand, it received specific criticism due to its incapability to run the games at higher graphic settings than PlayStation 4.

After certain upgrades, the original Xbox one received success with its new version, Xbox one S, in 2016. The new Xbox One S supports HDR 10 high dynamic range video and also 4k video playback.

There are a lot of features of Xbox One that you can enjoy, like:

Auto-saved option:

Sometimes it is impossible to save the progress in the game that you are playing. But x box one has a very interactive feature that lets you auto-save your progress in the game. This will allow you to play the game from where you left that.

Phone controller:

If you are among those who generally lost your gaming console them no worry. X box one comes with a very advanced feature to use your phone as your controller; you have to install an application and get started.

Access to HBO shows:

HBO Go has a feature on Xbox one to let you pin the movies on the dashboard. All you need is just to do some settings in the settings menu. So if you are an HBO lover, then Xbox One will be a love for you.

Preview games:

Xbox one has a twitch live stream feature that allows you to check whether the game you are going to purchase is for you or not. Before buying the game, click on the preview option to check whether the game is up to your expectation or not.

Share games:

Another most helpful feature of x box one is sharing the games with your friends and family members. This feature is available in the “Xbox home” function.

But with such advancement and success, the users face some issues, like password reset. Resetting passwords on Xbox is not very simple. If you are among those who are facing the same problem, then we are your one-stop destination. Here we are going to provide you with the methods that you need to follow to reset the password on Xbox One:

Methods to Resetting Passwords on Xbox One

Method 1: Using Microsoft mail id:

A lot of users have claimed that the password of the Xbox one can be reset using your Microsoft mail id. So if you know the mail address that you used to set up the Microsoft account, then you can follow the following steps:

  • Click on reset password and enter the mail address.
  • Now choose from the options email or phone number to get the security code.
  • After you receive your security code, you can choose a new password. Enter the password twice, and it should contain at least 8 characters. Also, the password must be the mix and combination of upper case and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

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Method 2: Reset using Xbox console

Step 1: Verify the identity

The users can directly request a new password reset from the console if they have accessed the phone number or alternative email. This mail id or phone number is the one that you have provided earlier.

  • Click on sign-in on the console and then type the mail address
  • Now click on I forgot my password button/.
  • There will be a verification code that you need to type to verify that you are not a robot.
  • Now you can see the phone number or mail address listed there that you have earlier registered with.

Step 2: Security code

  • Now on the screen, click on the security contact method. This is about where you want to send the security code.
  • Open the phone or the mail address where you have clicked to receive the security code. For this, you have to use an authenticator app.

Some users have claimed that it is more convenient to use the authenticator app to let you directly get the code without any wait.

If you are already using an authenticator app, click on my authenticator app as an option on the screen. Then follow the following steps:

1. Click on service my authenticator app and select next

2. Now retrieve the authentication code from the app, then type the code using the console.

If you had clicked on two-step verification when you created the Microsoft account, you have to type the password twice using different contact methods.

Step 3: Create a new password.

Once the user has verified the identity by entering the security code, now create a new password. The new password must contain 8 characters and a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

1. Choose a password and type on the screen

2. Please enter the same password one more time to verify it.

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Method 3: Using online recovery options

If you cannot reset the password using the above methods, then online recovery will be the other option you can choose. Follow the following steps to recover your account:

  • Enter the email address or phone number in the first box.
  • Now type the email address in the text box present on the screen. This email address will be different from the one that you are organizing to recover.
  • In the third text box, type the code present on the screen to verify that you are not a robot.
  • To maintain certain security norms, you will be prompted for several pieces of identification info that you have provided initially.
  • After completing all the above steps, you will receive a password reset link that will expire within 72 hours.

Here we have come to an end. We have discussed all how to reset the password of the Xbox one. If you still have any doubt, then you can ask as we are here to help you out. If you want to get the latest information related to this topic, then stay tuned with us at and we will help you to get all the necessary updates!

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