How to Mirror iPhone to Roku? Easy Steps To Do It

There might be a chance you are looking forward to Mirror iPhone to Roku, and this search of yours lets you come here. If the same has happened, don’t worry, because some easy steps are there that will help you to do it effortlessly. We suggest you stay tuned till the last of this article to get answers to all the queries related to how to mirror iPhone to Roku.

What is Roku screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring is basically an activity where you share your device on the big screen. The same is the scenario for Roku screen mirroring. This is the method through which you view your iPhone or iPad device onto the Roku TV. There is no need for you to grab any wires or cables for performing the same. But it is important to connect with a Wi-Fi network.

Both of the devices must have the same Wi-Fi network to complete the mirroring iPhone to Roku. Basically, you will be going to duplicate your screen on the TV, so be careful what content you will be going to view. This is really very beneficial for individuals who want to stream through music videos, photos, and other applications from their iOS devices.

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How to start mirroring iPhone to Roku:-

#1. At the very first, we suggest you connect both the devices with the same Wi-Fi network.

#2. Now move to App Store and download the Mirror for the Roku app.

#3. Connect the app to your TV with the help of entering the Roku TV IP address.

#4. A screen mirroring button will appear to click on it. The button will appear for only iOS 11 and the advanced version if you don’t have so, then move to settings and then control center, and from there utilize screen recording.

#5. Now tap on start broadcast. Make sure to choose between advanced and standard mode so that you can move through the control center.

#6. Finally, you can start mirroring iPhone to Roku.

Now finally, you will be able to have access to all the content on your iPhone or iPad on Roku TV. Make sure to follow the steps carefully so that there will be no problem at all when you want to do so.

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Here we have shared how you will be able to Mirror iPhone to Roku just by some simple steps. There is no need for you to feel confused anymore because you need to follow simple steps, and there will be no trouble at all. If still there is any problem persisting, do let us know so that Techruth can come up with the best solutions for the same.

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