How to Merge Two Instagram Accounts? Easy Way to Do it?

Today, we will go through numerous possible methods to merge two Instagram accounts. So, read the post through to the finish.

Procedure to Merge Two Instagram Accounts

There are some solutions to merging two Instagram accounts as it is not possible to do so like we can on Facebook. You will be able to solve your problem more effectively with these techniques.

Method 1: Redirect Username to Combine Two Instagram Accounts 

One of the simple alternatives to combining two Instagram accounts is this. You must move the username from one account to another using this procedure. 

By doing this, everyone who searches for your account will find your new Instagram account without your having to ask them to.

Instagram profile URLs are composed of their usernames. Instagram will give your new account the same URL if you use the same username for both your old and new accounts.

To do that, you must first alter the username associated with your old account after you do that, they immediately assign the new account with the new username.

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Method 2: Creating a New Account

Making a new Instagram account is another useful technique. Although it may seem ridiculous, this is the ideal approach to combining your two Instagram accounts. You can start fresh and customize your Instagram account by making a new one. 

You can ask your fans to follow you on your new Instagram account by posting the username of your new account on your previous Instagram account. So, you can easily move all of your followers to your new account.

And transferring all the stuff from an old account to a new account may seem like a time-consuming process when it comes to the content. Several third-party programs can assist you in completing this task quickly and conveniently.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned techniques can greatly assist you in easily merge two Instagram accounts. You only need to remember the few points mentioned above as you implement these techniques for fruitful outcomes.

These techniques are useful for combining two Instagram accounts, even if they cannot be used to combine two Facebook accounts.

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