How to Install third-party apps on LG smart TV?

Third-party apps are always great to utilize when a person wants to have a stable source of entertainment along with some additional features. If you have LG smart TV available with you but are not sure how to install a third-party app on LG smart TV, don’t worry anymore. You have landed in the right place because today, we will be going to discuss how to Install third-party apps on LG smart TV easily.

The simplest method to install third-party apps on LG TV:

Before we proceed towards some other methods, we suggest you understand one of the simplest methods to do so. For it, the steps are as follows:-

#1. At the very first, press the home button on the remote.

#2. Now select the more apps option.

#3. LG Content store option is there to open it.

#4. Now click on premium.

#5. A menu will appear having different applications. Select the app you want.

#6. Wait for the moment until TV will download and install the app automatically.

This method is especially for those third-party applications which are allowed by the company. Along with it with some additional boxes like firestick, this method will help you to do it easily.

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Note: We suggest you install those third-party apps on your LG smart TV, which are operated by the company and allowed by it as well. In case you are installing those applications which are not supported by the company, there might be a chance the interface might get disturbed, and you feel annoyed for no reason.

Can a person install third-party apps on LG smart TV not available on the LG app store?

If you wish to install third-party apps on LG smart TV which are not there on LG App Store, there are no chances through which you can install the app directly. At that time, you require some devices like firestick, Chromecast, or Apple TV to use these extensions. In case these extensions are not there with you, it will be quite difficult for you to get the apps. Let’s discuss how you can get a third-party app with the help of firestick.

#1. Connect the firestick with your LG TV.

#2. After connecting it, open the Firefox browser with the help of the remote and look forward to the APK file for the application you wish to download.

#3. Find out the APK file and wait for its installation.

#4. After the app is installed, you are ready to you have access to the content on your favorite app. There will be no need for you to miss on to entertainment anymore.

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We suggest you use a VPN whenever you are using APK files on Amazon fire stick because it may save you some unnecessary trouble that may arise due to some legal things. It will be going to act as a safe zone for you.


Here we have come to an end and shared how to install third-party apps on LG smart TV. You can get your streaming device or download the app directly. There will be no restriction on you to download the apps because LG has a lot to offer to users. You just need to utilize it and get the best of IT in return. If you want to know something else, Techruth is always here to help you.

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