How To Install Aptoide TV APK on Firestick in 2023?

This article will teach you how to install Aptoid TV APK on Firestick.

Aptoide TV is a one-stop destination for all the large screen users out that. It brings out an application store that allows them to have the devices of their choice. This clearly means that not only in your mobile device but if you wish to have it on your fire TV, the option is there. But it is important to install Aptoide TV APK on a firestick.

If you are looking forward to installing Aptoide TV APK on your firestick but are not aware of the desired steps, don’t worry anymore. We are here to help you with that and sharing some more tips which let you install it effortlessly.

How to install Aptoide TV on a firestick?

The steps a user needs to follow for installing Aptoide TV on firestick it is quite simple. These are as follows:-

#1. Hit on the HOME option right there on the main screen of the fire stick.

#2. Move to SETTINGS. 

#3. Look for MY FIRE TV and click on it.

#4. A list of options appears to hit on DEVELOPER OPTIONS.

#5. Now a list appears and hits on APPS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES turn it ON.

#6. Again movie to FIRESTICK HOME and hit on the SEARCH ICON.

#7. Search for the downloader by typing in the search bar and have the DOWNLOADER APP on the Fire TV.

#8. After the downloader app gets installed, click on OPEN and look for Aptoide TV.

#9. Results appear right in front of you hit on GET or DOWNLOAD.

#10. Wait for the moment until downloading gets completed, and then a box appears asking for INSTALLATION. Hit on it

#11. Now hit on the DONE button.

After hitting on the done button, the installation is completed. Congratulations! Now you are ready to use it on your firestick.

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How to use Aptoide TV on firestick?

After the installation is completed, it is also important to understand how to use the Aptoide TV on a firestick. For it, the steps are as follows:-

#1. Hit on the HOME button on the fire stick remote for 5 seconds and click on the APPS option right there on the screen.

#2. App list will appear to select the Aptoide TV app

#3. It will get open, and it will ask for a signup. Do not engage in it hit on SKIP

#4. Now you are on the main page of Aptoide TV.

Here the user will be able to browse through all the applications right there.

How to install applications with the help of Aptoide TV APK?

As we have already mentioned that Aptoide TV APK has a good collection of apps you wish to have. For it, the steps are as follows:-

#1. Open Aptoide TV APK and hit on the SEARCH button.

#2. A box will appear and SEARCH FOR the desired application by typing its name, for example, Tiktok.

#3. A list will appear to choose the APP of your choice.

#4. After choosing the app, hit on the INSTALL button.

#5. Again hit on the INSTALL button and wait until the installation gets finished.

#6. Now OPEN the application and LAUNCH it on your device.

Finally, you are able to download the applications from Aptoide TV APK. Here we have shared very simple steps through which you can utilize Aptoide TV APK easily and without any hassle.

What are you waiting for? Get it right there on your fire TV stick and be ready to browse through applications right there only for you.

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