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How to have No Profile Picture on TikTok? Guide 2022

Let us know in today’s article how to have No profile picture on TikTok. Nowadays as we see, all the people want to introduce themselves through their profile picture Or want to tell by putting their favorite photo that they like the most.

That if you are a Tiktok user and do not want to put any picture on your profile, then here we will tell you the simplest way.

Steps of how to have No Profile Picture on TikTok

It can be tough to use TikTok if your profile doesn’t have a profile picture. Technically speaking, the well-known social media site doesn’t permit you to simply have anything at all for some reason. 

Not everything is lost, though; there is a solution that makes it possible. So, below we will provide the alternative way that you can try:

Step 1:

Download or take a picture of a white or black background.

Step 2:

Alternatively, a quick Google search will yield a photo that is completely white or black. Whether you are utilizing Dark Mode will determine the color you should use.

Step 3:

Open TikTok, then click the “Me” option in the bottom-right area.

Step 4:

After that, go to the top and then select the “Edit Profile” option.

Step 5:

The top-left corner has a “Change Photo” option.

Step 6:

Click on the option of “Select from Gallery” when the pop-up window displays.

Step 7:

Choose the photo that is completely white or black when you can.

Step 8:

And at the end, select the option of “Confirm”, then you are done with this.

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Steps to Fix the TikTok Profile Picture not Showing

Start by restarting both the TikTok app and your phone. Check the status of the TikTok server if you are still experiencing issues. Even better, consider utilizing a VPN service. 

You have a changed IP address when you utilize a VPN. Additionally, it becomes more difficult for outside apps to locate you. Other options for fixing the issue include:

Step 1:

The first step is to change your profile photo.

Step 2:

Your phone’s TikTok cache should be cleared.

Step 3:

Look into your internet connection.

Step 4:

Send a random girl’s PFP report to the Tik Tok support center.

Step 5:

Get the most recent updates (iOS devices and Android devices). This eliminates any security worries and other persistent platform difficulties.

Keyboard shortcuts, QR code scanning, and previous/next video buttons won’t be present on an earlier version of the Tik Tok app. Proactively checking for new updates is a smart practice.

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Although it’s unknown whether we will be able to completely delete your profile pictures, at least with this workaround, you have no profile picture on TikTok profile. 

If you need any help or you have occurs any queries related to this post, then comment your problem in the comment section that is located below. We will provide the best solution as soon as possible.

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