How to hard reset your LG Smart TV to Factory Setting? Complete Guide

LG is continuously bringing in some of the amazing TVs in the market. Right from its fresh OLED GX Series to its 8K TVs. As the TVs are getting sharper and sharper they are also going smarter too. Earlier there were only limited settings and features in Normal TVs. But as the TVs are getting smarter, more features and settings are coming into it. Hence, the users also have to take utmost care while operating these Smart TVs too. Here in this post, we are bringing this guide to the process of hard reset LG Smart Tv to factory settings, resetting the password of LG smart Tv and also steps to register a smart screen.

We are not saying it’s becoming very difficult to handle, yes but a little care can save you from a hell lot of problems. Sometimes the problem is so big that you end up with only one option, that is to hard reset your LG Smart TV to factory settings. Even pushing a simple remote button multiple times can take you there.

It’s not very difficult to hard reset the LG Smart TV to its factory settings. But after the hard reset, you will lose all your customized settings, installed applications, tuned channels, your recordings, etc.

Okay, let’s look at how to Hard reset the tv.

How to hard reset your LG Smart TV to factory settings

1. Check whether your Smart TV WebOS is fully updated, if not download and install the updates, if available.

2. Click on Smart Button on your Remote control to open up the TV menu on your smart TV screen.

3. Scroll down to Settings (a Gear Icon) to open the settings.

4. From the Settings windows, go to the General (a Gear with lever option).

5. From the General menu Scroll down to Reset to initial settings and select to reset the smart TV

6. A new pop-up will appear seeking confirmation from you to reset all the settings to factory settings. Click Confirm, to reset your smart TV to factory settings.

That’s how simple it is to hard reset your Smart TV to factory settings.

After factory reset, you need to follow a process to set up your Operation System once again. Don’t worry just follow the below steps to register it and start using your Smart TV again.

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Steps to register your Smart Screen

1. After the TV restarted from the Hard reset, you will be asked to choose your language and country. Select the Options best suites you.

2. Your country option will allow you to access apps, online stream services available in that country.

3. Moving on to the next you will be asked to set up a network connection for your Smart Screen.

4. Select the Home option for connecting the Internet connection.

5. Select your TV signal mode with your area pin code and click on ok to move further with your registration.

6. Select your video input and thereafter choose your Service Provider.

7. An auto-tune process will start for listing the available channels in your country.

8. After reading all the legal notices and user’s agreement click Agree to complete the setup.

Yes, this is one of the main problems people face with their Smart TVs, but still, there are some more issues which people face. One of which is forgetting the password. And that is also not an easy task in LG smart TV too. You have to follow sequences to reset it. Don’t worry we have given below the steps to reset the same.

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How to reset the password on LG Smart TV?

It is quite simple, just follow the below steps to reset the password on your LG Smart TV.

1. Take your remote and click on the Setting button to open the Setting menu app.

2. Scroll down to Advance Setting, click ok from your remote.

3. You need to do a quick sequential action, quickly press the Channel Up button twice and immediately press the Channel Down button following with the Channel Up button once more.

4. Upon pressing the buttons in sequence, a new Master Password window will pop up, here either enters 0313 or 0325 to move on to the next window.

5. On the next window enter, 0000 and voila a new Reset Password window will pop up. Enter your new password.

6. Or if you had just done a hard reset on your LG Smart TV to factory settings, then it will be automatically set to 0000 by default.


Here in this article, we are explained how to reset LG Smart TV to factory settings and also the process of registering on a smart screen and resetting the password of LG Smart Tv. Hope you are now able to restore your Smart TV to its initial factory settings using Hard Reset. Also, we have discussed how you can register after the Reset.

Later, we have also covered what you have to do in case you forgot your password.

We hope this article will be helpful to you. In case you face any issues, comment down below. We will be happy to come with a solution.

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