How To Get Zoom Meeting App on PS4? (Zoom on PS4)

In this article, I’ll explain how you can access the Zoom app on PS4? (Step by Step)

Remember how we used to attend meetings when we used to go to the office. But, now, times have changed a lot. The manner of the meeting has changed, everything has turned into a virtual one. Now, all those meetings have been moved to an app called Zoom. But some of us wish to attend the meeting on the big screen of our TV. Today, I am going to guide you in a way to do that. However, this is going to be a guide for someone who has a PS4 and a smartphone. I will go ahead and provide you with the details related to the console and then, the process of using that console to attend a meeting over the Zoom app.

PlayStation 4:

PlayStation 4
PS4, source:

One of the juggernauts of the console world. The PlayStation was launched way back in 2013. And it is still managing to keep up the performance with some of the best PCs out there speaks volumes about the capabilities of the console. The home console was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was developed to give competition to the other consoles from Microsoft and Nintendo. The consoles do support HDR and 4K resolution images.

The hardware capabilities of this console are very impressive. The list of the titles that are available on the console is very long. Not to forget, the exclusive titles remain the main attraction for gamers throughout the world to go for this console. The console had variations editions come out over the years. God of war alone is enough reason for anyone who likes to play games to buy this console. The title has been awarded various awards. 

But consoles have the capability of doing more than just running games on them. The consoles can be used for multimedia purposes as well. You can turn your TV into a Smart one with the console. And thousands of applications which were available on your phone or desktop can be made available on the console and enjoy those applications on your TV. One of those apps is the Zoom app.

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Zoom App:


An app that is used most commonly for teleconferencing and video conferencing. Released way back in 2011 by an organization that has the same name as the app itself. Zoom is one of the most popular tools for meeting and used in the education field. Competition has emerged recently with other apps coming to the market.

But Zoom has still managed to hold its ground. It is definitely one of the best and oldest apps that have been used for the past 10 years for teleconferencing and holding meetings all over the world. Now, it has emerged to be used for other purposes as well. The app has been used to hold live shows and concerts in recent times.  And it has continued to rise as the pandemic has allowed more people to rely on this app for their communication needs. 

Zoom on PS4:

As people have become more dependent on the Zoom app for meetings, they have started to find more innovative ways to use it. I came across one such query. And the person who put forward the query wanted to use the app on his PS4 so that he can use the app on the giant TV screen. So, I did the research on my PS4 and was able to find a way to get it done. So, in order to achieve that goal, you would require a PS4 and a smart android or apple phone which supports casting.

Steps To getting Zoom Meeting App on PS4

Alright, now let’s start with the steps. The following are the steps that you can use to get the zoom app running on your PS4:

Step 1: Pick up your smartphone and head to the play store or apple store.

Step 2: Now, install the zoom app on your mobile, and then, install the screen mirroring app as well from the play store.

Step 3: Start your PS4 and open your web browser.

Step 4: Please visit the following link on your PS4 web browser:

Step 5: Open the screen mirroring app on your phone.

Step 6: Scan the QR code from your mobile.

Step 7: And that would enable screen mirroring and casting of your phone screen would begin your PS4.

Step 8: After that, you can run your Zoom app, and enjoy the meeting on the big screen.

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The Zoom app is still widely used for teleconferencing and video calling across the globe. And using the app on the PS4 will give you a whole different experience. Enjoying the meeting on your giant TV will provide a better experience. The PS4 would provide ample satisfaction and quality on the big screen. 

We all hope that zoom does come out with an app dedicated to PS4 itself but until that moment comes, I would recommend using the workaround that I have provided. The workaround is simple, and anyone who is not tech-savvy can still achieve it.

I hope you have a great time at your meetings and conferences on the TV screen.

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