How To Get Netflix On Nintendo Switch? 2022

In this article you will learn how to get Netflix on Nintendo Switch easily.

Nintendo Switch is a popular device that allows you to play games on it, but if you are looking to get NetFlix on Nintendo switch then here in this article we are going to reveal the process. Go through the article to follow the instructions.

Nintendo Switch is not only a gaming console but it allows you to do more than that. In this post, we will talk about what Nintendo Switch is, the Features of Nintendo Switch, and the main thing: how to get Netflix on your Nintendo switch?

Currently, Netflix is not available in Nintendo Switch, so most people don’t know the process of it, here you will get step-by-step solutions for the same. So without any further delay let’s dive into the topic and find out the solution. 

What Is Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is a device that allows you to play games on it at your home or anywhere you want to play because it’s a portable device and easy to carry. 

With the help of the Joy-con controller, you can connect it with your TV. It offers you more than 2000 games to play in it so that you can share the screen with your multiple friends. 

It comes with multi modes, so you have a variety of modes to choose from. You can use it as a TV mode, Tabletop Mode, and Handheld mode.

Features Of Nintendo Switch?

Below We are going to share with you the features of the Nintendo Switch?

The size of the device is approximately 4 inches high, 0.55 inches deep, and 9.4 inches long. It comes with the Tegra processor of NVIDIA Custom on it, and you can stream up to 1080P on TV. For sound, it offers you, Stereo speakers, on it. 

For connecting purposes, you get a type C connector that allows you to charge it, and to connect it with other devices and a 3.5mm jack for earphones and headphones.

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How Do You Get Netflix On Your Nintendo Switch?

Netflix is a platform that offers video content like movies, series, and Netflix supports multi-operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows. Before going further we would like to tell you that officially Nintendo Switch doesn’t support Netflix. 

But don’t worry we got the solution for it. After reading this post, you will be able to install Netflix on your Nintendo Switch easily.

Process To Get Netflix on Switch?

Well, there are multiple ways available for the same, we will share with you some of the top and working ways which are tested by our team practically. You can find them below. 

Method 1: 

Well, the Netflix app is not available on Nintendo’s e-shop. So you have to rely on other devices, like your TV. Firstly set up your Switch with your TV. 

Steps To Setup with TV:

Step 1:

Connect Type C cable with your switch and other ends to the AC power adapter.

Step 2:

Now take your HDMI cable to connect one to the HDMI out on Switch and the other one is into the HDMI port on your TV. 

Step 3:

Now choose the current HDMI input after turning on the TV.

Step 4: 

Open the Nintendo switch on your tv, and launch the Home menu option. 

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Once the connection between your Switch and your TV is successful and stable, then move to the below process.

Steps To Get Netflix on Nintendo Switch:

Step 1:

Open the Nintendo Switch into your TV and log in with the username password. 

Step 2:

Now find the e-shop and open it, and find the on-screen keyboard and tap on it.

Step 3:

Simply type Netflix on the search box by using your on-screen keyword and then click ok.

Step 4:

Once you click on it, you will have an icon of NetFlix on the screen. 

Step 5:

Tap on the Netflix icon, to get it installed on the device. 

Step 6:

Once the Netflix app is installed, use your Login ID and Password to sign in and enjoy unlimited video content. 

This method of installing the NetFlix on the Nintendo Switch worked for many people, but in case if it is not working in your case, you can try the second option after a few days because right now it is under process. 

After all, Nintendo is trying to tie up with NetFlix to get the NetFlix app in the eshop, so we hope very soon the second method will work.

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Method 2:

Our second and last method is about to come soon. 

Step 1:

Turn on the Nintendo Switch and launch the eshop from the home screen.

Step 2:

You can see the Menu button on the top right corner of the screen. 

Step 3:

A search box will appear on the screen, simply select it. 

Step 4:

Set the Search Filter and choose Platform, Genre, Publisher, and price into it. 

Step 5:

Choose a specific filter and hit on the apply filter button. 

Step 6:

Now you can see multiple results on the screen, related to the search filter. 

Step 7:

Select the Netflix app from the search filter result and install the Nintendo Switch app. 

Step 8:

Once the downloading and installation are completed, use your credentials to log in and enjoy unlimited video streaming. 


Well, Netflix and Nintendo switch is quite popular platforms around the globe, one for video streaming content and the other for gaming. 

Recently Nintendo added a YouTube and Hulu app to their list, which means you can enjoy these two services on the Nintendo switch. But Netflix is not available for the same so in this article, we tried to explain everything about Nintendo Switch and also shared the process of How To Get Netflix on Nintendo Switch easily. 

We shared two methods, where both the process is easy but currently the second option is not available. It will be available soon too. So till then, you can try the first method for this. We hope this article will help you with this problem. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding How To Get Netflix On Your Nintendo Switch, you can leave us a comment below.

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