How To Get HULU On Hisense Smart TV? Everything You Need To Know

In this article you will learn how to download Hulu on Hisense Smart TV step by step.

In the era of technology, online streaming services have gained much popularity in the past few years. Previously people used to watch their favorite content on TV or some dedicated applications. But nowadays, they prefer to watch their favorite shows on various streaming applications such as Hulu, Netflix, etc. It is because all these devices enable them to enjoy streaming without the hassle and offer high picture quality with rich content.

Moreover, these applications offer various ways through which you can stream your favorite videos and live shows on your smart TV. Well, it just needs you to follow a series of steps, and you will be able to get Hulu on your smart TV such as Hisense, etc.

Before you move ahead, let’s check out Hulu and its amazing features.

Hulu – Online premium video streaming service

Hulu is a US-based streaming platform that allows users to enjoy their online videos and on-demand live shows and movies. Initially, Hulu used to provide a small section of services to its customers but later on, this platform converted into a subscription-based streaming application.

You will find Hulu different from other streaming apps due to some of its amazing applications such as:

  • Hulu always tries to include newer TV shows and original content for viewers.
  • The platform is famous for uploading new episodes of different TV shows and web series a day to a week after it is released on the original platform.
  • Unlike other applications, Hulu offers various other shows such as live news, entertainment, and sports shows, etc.
  • It offers a lot of original content, and viewers thus like it more to choose for.
  • Hulu gives you the options of add-ons and bundles that enable you to stream from other platforms without installing additional applications.

Hulu works with almost all devices and allows you to stream your favorite videos. Just make sure to have a strong and stable internet connection.

Now, if you have Hisense smart TV at your home and you want to stream videos on a bigger screen using Hulu, you will be surprised to know that Hisense smart TV does not support Hulu directly. But it does not mean that you cannot get Hulu on your Hisense smart TV. There are various other ways that you can try out to enjoy hassle-free streaming. You can use options like Chromecast, Roku TV, Amazon firesticks, and other streaming devices to do so.

Let’s have a look at how you can get the Hulu app on Hisense Smart TV using various casting devices.

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How to watch Hulu with a casting device?

A casting device is basically a device that you can plug into your TV using an HDMI port. These hardware devices allow you to cast your favorite shows on your smart TV. It is possible because these hardware devices either let you throw the content on your TV or comprise of inbuilt application that you can browse directly from your smart TV.

For instance, both the casting device and your smart TV will let you tap to put the Hulu channel o your smart TV after following some simple steps. Let’s take an example of Roku TV or amazon firestick that can allow you to add a Hulu channel on your high-definition smart TV if you follow some basic steps in the series. It only requires you to have a USB to USB cable and a strong wi-fi connection.

How to watch Hulu on Hisense Smart TV?

Though Hisense smart TV does not support the Hulu app directly, yet if your smart TV has an application built right into it, just log in to your Hulu account and watch your shows in no time. But if you are unable to find it in pre-installed applications and know that your Hisense TV supports the Hulu app, just download it from the applications store of your smart TV and log in using your Hulu account. It will enable you to make the best use of the dedicated application.

When you try to log in to your Hulu account, it may ask for an activation code. So, to save your time and efforts, let’s check out what steps you need to follow this time:

Step 1:

Log in to your Hulu account from your smart TV.

Step 2:

An activation code will pop up on the screen. Do not forget to copy it down safely.

Step 3:

From a computer, visit Hulu’s active your device page and log in if asked.

Step 4:

Enter the activation code you note down before and then click on activate button.

Within a few seconds, your Hulu account will get activated, and you can now stream your videos any time. But, if your device does not support the Hulu app and you are looking forward to making use of any casting device, you can try out Roku stick as well.

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Get Hulu app on Hisense Smart TV using Roku Sticks

To enjoy Hulu channels on your smart TV using Roku devices, follow these steps and stream your favorite content:

Step 1:

Cast your Roku sticks to Hisense TV.

Step 2:

After casting Roku sticks to Hisense TV, press the home button of your remote and go to the Roku home screen.

Step 3:

Use the remote-control arrow buttons and go to the Roku channel store.

Step 4:

Now, select your Hulu channel.

Step 5:

Select the Add channel option and confirm it.

Just make sure to follow each step, and you are ready to enjoy your Hulu channels on your Hisense smart Tv. Isn’t it simple? Besides this, you can cast your Hulu application using a web browser also. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at the complete guide on how to connect your Hulu channel with Hisense Smart TV using a web browser.

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Get Hulu on Hisense Smart TV using a Web Browser

To use Hulu on Hisense smart tv using a web browser, you can go for the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1:

Open any of the web browsers installed on your Hisense TV.

Step 2:

Visit the Hulu website and sign in to your Hulu account.

Step 3:

Once you are done with sign-in your Hulu account, you can stream any favorite show of your choice from the web browser on your Hisense smart TV easily.

It is one of the smartest ways you can go to enjoy your Hulu content on Hisense Tv and that too without much effort. Now,


There are various ways through which you can install the Hulu app on your Hisense smart tv. You must know whether your Hisense tv supports the Hulu app or not. If yes, just install it from the application store and enjoy streaming, but if no, then you can make use of any casting device which supports the Hulu app.

In conclusion, the Hulu app is one of the best streaming services that you can choose to watch your favorite content during your free time. It offers various benefits such as add-ons, hassle-free streaming, on-demand online videos, live shows, dedicated channels, etc. Moreover, it allows its viewers to entertain themselves by subscribing to its amazing plans and offers. Just spend a little amount and add premium bundles to your account. Also, do not step back to cast it to your Hisense TV as it will take your streaming experience to next level by following some basic steps only.

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