How To Fix The DNS Server Unavailable Error? Complete Guide

Domain name system or DNS is a unique program that essentially translates a website name into an IP address to get the complete information. It’s a kind of extensive directory that helps the internet to work.

But nowadays, a lot of users are complaining about the DNS server unavailable error. So if you are among those, then we are here to help you out. But before moving on to the solution to this error, we should first discuss the causes.

Causes of DNS server unavailable are:

  • Browser cache:

The cache is non-other than the IP addresses of the frequently visited websites. As the computer stores it, type the IP address of the website that we use the most. So whenever you revisit the site, it uses the older outdated IP address that may be the reason for the error.

  • Firewall and antivirus issue:

There are some cases when the antivirus and the firewall software blocked the IP address. This is because sometimes the IP address of the last visited website may change due to some bugs or issues.

  • The issue with the router:

There might be an issue with your router. Sometimes the router is probably at fault as there may be some configuration error in it.

  • ISP issue

ISP is responsible for maintaining the DNS server. There might be some malfunctions while switching to a DNS server.

  • DNS server timeout

This is another type of issue that causes the error. It only means that your pc is unable to reach the DNS servers.

Here we have come to know about the DNS server and the leading causes of its error. So now we are going to know about the solution to this error.

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Methods to fix DNS unavailable error:

Method 1: Solving issues related to browser

Some users have reported that this error is the cause of the browser. If this is your case, then you should try to use the following tips:

Tip 1: Clear cache

The browser stores and saves the IP address of the most frequent websites that you viewed. And when you again reach that site, then it uses the outdated and saved IP address that may show an error due to an updated IP address available. If the computer tries to reach a site with an outdated IP address, then the request will fail. This is why it is always suggested to clean the browser cache memory from time to time.

Tip 2: Reset:

Sometimes there might be some very small and temporary that it gets rectified with only a slight reset. So the DNS server unavailable error might be an issue that can be fixed with it.

Tip 3: Change the browser:

Since there might be the case that the DNS isn’t available on a particular browser. So changing the browser might be the solution to it. If this does not bring you the desired result, updating the existing browser might be the only solution.

If the above tips didn’t work for you, then uninstalling and reinstalling the browser will be the final solution for you.

Method 2: Solving issue related to router

The router may be the cause of the error while connecting to the DNS server. The possible causes may be the incorrect setting or replacement of the router.

Tips that you can follow:

Tip 1: Restart:

This is the easiest and the most straightforward tip that you can follow. The reason behind this is that after restarting the router, it gets reset and refreshed, which may solve the issue. First of all, unplug the modem and then wait for 15 to 20 seconds.

Tip 2: Ethernet connection:

The other best way to know if the problem is related to the router switch to a wired connection. Here you have just to connect the router to the computer using the Ethernet cable. If this solves the issue, then there might be some fault in the router, and it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Tip 3: Update the router:

Many users have claimed that keeping the router updated solves the error. So keeping the router updated is the other solution that the user must follow.

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Method 3: Solving issues related to computer:

Sometimes checking the device settings earliest is the best solution if you are facing the DNS server unavailable error.

The tip that you can follow:

Tip 1: DNS setting:

The easiest way is to check the DNS setting on the computer to confirm if the IPS or network administrator is correct. Also, if you are using any third-party DNS service provider, check if they are compatible and functioning with your device.

Tip 2: Auxiliary connection disabling:

There are some cases of interruption of auxiliary connections to disrupt the DNS servers. So if the computer has open connections like Bluetooth, first of all, disable them. Also, on a windows system, disable the peer-to-peer connection. Doing these may avoid disruption.

Tips 3: Deactivating the antivirus or firewall:

Sometimes the antivirus and firewall protect the device from opening so e sites due to some bugs. So the easiest way is just to disable the firewall and the antivirus program and then connect to the internet.

Tip 4: Update the driver:

Also, check if the network adapter drivers are up to date. If not, then it is the primary step to update the, that you must follow.

Method 4: Solving ISP issues

Since ISP maintains the DNS server, that might change sometimes and needs local change to happen. If this is the case with you, then follow the following tips.

Tip 1: Check the server

Sometimes the server of ISP DNS may be down. So to check, it just removes the address that does not respond. And to find the IP address, select the ‘’obtain the DNS server address automatically ‘’. If this option is not available, just connect to ISP.

Tip 2: Switch to another DNS:

If the DNS server becomes overwhelmed and malfunctioning hen it will automatically become unavailable. So, in this case, try switching to another DNS server.

So here we have come to an end. We have discussed everything about the DNS server unavailable error. To know more about this, stay tuned with us as our expert team will always be available to help you out. If you have any queries related to these types of issues, then do let us know.

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