How To Download Embedded Videos For Free?

Hi Guys, Do you want to know how to download embedded video online for free?

If yes, this article is right for you. Here you’ll know the 6 best ways to download embedded videos.

Nowadays the internet is the new source of entertainment – everything like entertainment, education, and socializing to work happens online. Almost everybody watches videos for entertainment or information from the internet.

It happens many times that you like a video online or on a social media platform and would like to download it and keep it on your device. The task of downloading a video has become a very simple task now.

Sometimes we want to download a video to watch it offline, either because we do not want to use the data or we have no internet access. You can download video content directly from many sites, others, like YouTube, makes it difficult to download a video without paying them for premium service level.

So here are some ways of downloading an embedded video using a browser extension, web-based tools, VLC media player, developer tools in the browser, downloading directly from sites, and the use of screen-capture software to download a video. 

#1. Download Using Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are one of the simplest methods for downloading a video. After installing a browser extension, embedded video can be easily downloaded with the touch of a bottom.

Let’s have a look at these three extensions for downloading and saving content.

As Adobe Flash is no longer maintained by Adobe and is now considered as an insecure and outdated technology, the Flash Video Downloader is a good option for Chrome or Firefox. One can download the Chrome version here. Safari version is available for Apple users and a version for Mozilla Firefox.

Its average rating is 4.1 stars from over 5,500 reviews. It is a suitable source if you want to download content to your device from online sources and a range of sites. When installed in Firefox, a tiny arrow turns blue in the browser’s taskbar. Click on the extension to save the video. The Flash Video Downloader doesn’t work on every site. Generally, it is a reliable tool.

Video Download Helper was made as an add-on for Firefox in 2007 and Chrome extension in 2015.

There’s a Mac version available for Safari. Both platforms are maintained regularly and updated to take care of the continued capability of the two platforms. Video Download Helper works on many sites. It works on popular sources like YouTube and Vimeo and also on the less known sites containing a variety of content.

Video Download Helper allows you to save your favorite clips to the hard drive in any format. The process of download and conversion is quick and simple.

Free Video Downloader is an expansion for Chrome and works on nearly every video site, but not on those that block extension based downloads like YouTube. It supports MP4, FLV, MOV, AVI, ASF, WEBM, and MPG file types, and many more.

You can download multiple videos once. It is compatible with 99% video hosting sites. Along with downloading video, it also supports video playlists. 

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#2. VLC Media Player

If you have a Mac or a PC, have a look at the well-known VLC media player. Most computers have already got this great software. If you don’t have this software, you can download it for free.

  • Here is the tutorial for using the VLC media player to grab embedded videos.
  • First, operate to Media->open Network Stream(or hit Ctrl-N). 
  • Then in the Network tab of the resulting dialogue, type the URL of the video to be download, and click “Play”.
  • Now go to View->Playlist (or hit Ctrl-L) to bring up the playlist.
  • In the playlist, right-click on the video and select ” Save”.

Another dialogue will be shown to ask in what format to save the video and you have to choose a location for your file; write that information and click start and within seconds or a few minutes, the video will be on your hard drive. 

#3. Video Downloading with an Online Tool

If you are working on a computer at your school or a job, you cannot use a browser extension or a local tool because you are not allowed to install that kind of stuff. So many website based tools will work for you. You have to provide the URL of the video to use these tools.

  • Savefrom. Net

It is very useful and works with many well-known video websites like YouTube. It works on web pages with embedded video. Copy the URL of the page and paste it on the page and click on search. The page will process and identify the video and will provide options for quality. You have to select the quality you want and click download. 

#4. Video Capturing using Developer Tools

Modern browsers are amazingly elegant pieces of software, and their tools for developers are quite capable of capturing embedded videos.

There are some sites such as Netflix for YouTube, where you can watch the videos without downloading. Generally, this technique works just fine on most normal embedded content.

These instructions register to the Chrome web browser, but the functionality inside Firefox as well as Microsoft edge is similar as well, though menus and commands have different names. Still, on learning to do it on Chrome, you would do it on the other two browsers as well.

Let us take an example of downloading the video hosted on the Techruth page.

So, when we open the page, there is one video file in the lower right corner. You need to have the “curl” program installed on your computer. Windows users can download a free self-installing version.

Firstly, load the video on the page and hit the F12 button it will open the developer tools panel. Select the Network tab and press the “Clear” button. It will stop current network activity and give you a clean slate to download. Hit “Play” in the video window to get things started.

Once you click play, look the “Status” and “Type” columns on the display. Under “Type” find the video file – it will be an MP4   type of file.

Right-click the line on the display, select “Copy” in the first menu, and “save to cURL (cmd)” in the second.

Now open a command prompt by typing “cmd” into the windows search box and click enter. This will open a command-line interface. Right-click the command line interface box and click ctrl-v to paste in the command.

Check the command line for instances of “-H Range:” followed by the range in quotes. Now, carefully eliminate those actions. Add “-insecure” at the end of the command line, and “-o myoutputfile.vidtype” at the end to tell Curl where to put the final file.

This method works very well on all simple web video types. 

#5. Video Downloading Directly From Sites.

Some embedded videos can be easily downloaded. If the video is in an MP4 format then it can be easily downloaded by the following steps.

  • Right-click on the video and select the option “Save video as”,
  • Now choose a location on your device where you want to save the embedded video.
  • After this, click ” Enter” or click the “Save” button. 

#6. Capturing Video with the Screen Recorder.

This would be the last option when none of the above options will work. There can be some particular sites for which the above methods will not work. In this type of situation, you can always use a screen recorder. The method will work because it has nothing to do with the site. Screen Recorder records whatever is played on your screen. But it is not an optimal solution particularly for recordings that are of long duration.

You have to allow the video to play Back In Your system with sound. Later on, you can check the video when the recording gets completed. You can also edit your video. You should keep in mind that the volume of your system is on otherwise you will hear nothing when you will play the video.

Now as you know the process of downloading embedded videos, you would now be able to use these videos sent purposes like adding them to your blog, watching them with your friends, etc.

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