How to Delete Email Address from Gmail Auto Complete List

People seldom updated their email addresses in the past. People nowadays change jobs often and have many email addresses. Some email systems, on the other hand, refuse to delete old emails. It can trigger auto-complete or autofill issues.

It happened to a friend who sent an email to an old work email address of a colleague. We will skip the awkward parts and show you how to delete a Gmail email address.

How Does Google Collect Email Addresses?

Part of the issue comes from the fact that Google, like many email systems, keeps track of who you’ve sent an email to. If you write the address in the To: box, Gmail will save it in your Google Contacts. When I press the Send button in the example below, Google will add a record for [email protected] to my Contacts.

When you hit Reply to an email or the Gmail shortcut key and send it, it goes through a similar mechanism. Google assumes I’m in contact with the sender and adds them to my Contacts.

Suggestions for Google Email Autofill

To make it even simpler, Google displays these email addresses and names in the To: box of an email when you start typing. This function is also known as auto-complete or autofill. The frequency in which that email address is used is a factor.

You can see that Google has added Jane Doe’s name to the recommendation list in the test example above. It is also where people may have issues because they may have chosen the incorrect email address or misspelled it.

Gmail’s Auto-Complete Suggestion List can be edited

Editing the underlying contact record is the secret to deleting or modifying an email address. You can do the following:

  • Remove the contact information from the database.
  • Delete an email address from a contact.
  • Change or add an email address for contact.

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How to Delete a Gmail Email Address

You can need to remove an email address simply because it is no longer valid. Other times, you might have made a grammatical error. In any case, you’ll want to exclude these addresses from your auto-complete or autofill list.

#1. Go to the Google account and sign in.

#2. Go to Google Contacts at

#3. In the top search bar, start typing your contact’s name or email address.

#4. Select the contact record from the drop-down menu.

#5. On the right hand, click the three vertical dots.

#6. Pick Delete from the drop-down menu.

#7. Press the Delete key.

#8. Log out of your Gmail account.

Your changes should appear when you write an email message and begin typing in the To: area. In auto-complete, there will be no entry for Jane Doe.

There will be no communication if you delete the Google link. Your emails should always be there.

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How to Disable Contact Auto-Complete

This Gmail feature may be unappealing to some people. They choose to incorporate contacts instead.

#1. Go to Gmail and sign up.

#2. Click the Gear button. It will take you to the settings page.

#3. Select Create contacts from auto-complete from the drop-down menu.

#4. Select the appropriate radio button. I’ll add my contacts.

Although Google is intelligent in several respects, there are times when you need to step in and edit your Google Contact records or settings. Otherwise, you might end up sending correspondence to old email addresses that are no longer active.

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