How To Customize Online Maps? 2022

There is a myriad of ways to create a map online. Some popular examples include Google Maps, Maptive, and Visme. These mapping tools also come with customization features. If you want to get the most out of mapping your data, you’ll want to be able to analyze your data in different ways. This will require you to adjust your map. This article will look at some of the most common ways to customize online maps to give you different views of your data. 

Heat Mapping

A great way to get a quick analysis of your data is through heat mapping. A heat mapping tool shows data density. As a result, you can visualize the volume of data in specific locations on your map. This will help you to determine saturation levels for datasets. This can be helpful for a variety of industries, including sales, health organizations, and real estate. For instance, a heat map can show you areas where you have a lot of customers and areas where you don’t have many. If you’re in sales, this could be a good way to find areas to target. Another way to use heat maps is if you’re trying to find a location for your commercial operation. You can view the density of similar companies and choose a location with low saturation. 

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Drawing Tool

If you want to draw different shapes, icons, or text on your map, you will need a map drawing tool. Drawing tools can help differentiate territories, draw attention to particular data, or highlight specific areas. You can also use them to make annotations or organize specific data by creating icons. For example, you could use a drawing tool to segregate features such as waterfalls or mountain ranges. You could also draw arrows to direct attention to specific clusters of data. This could be useful for presentations or as notes for your personal use. 

Filtering Tool

To view only the data you want on your map, you should use a filtering tool. Most filter tools will allow you views, including categories, number ranges, and dates. However, depending on the program you’re using, there may be more options. A filtering tool is especially valuable if you have a lot of data as it allows you to view different data variations separately rather than all at once. For instance, you might want to use the filtering tool to sort by revenue so you can target people who make the median income you desire. You can also sort by real estate zoning type. This will allow you to see only the locations that match the zoning type you require. So if you only want to see residential locations, the tool will filter out all commercial locations and vice versa. 

Radius Map Tool

A radius map tool allows you to create radii around specific data points. These maps offer a number of benefits to data analysis. For instance, it can show you where your business might overlap with a competitor’s. It can also show the number of data points within a specific distance. This could be useful in determining things like how many customers are within a certain distance from your location. You may also want to use this tool to determine how many locations you can visit within a specific range. For example, let’s say you send your sales associate to a particular location, and they strike out. By creating a radius map, you will know where the next closest prospect is, and you can send them there. 

Territory Tool

You can create visual boundaries with a territory tool based on predefined criteria such as cities, districts, states, and zip codes. You can also divide up a map based on the number of prospects to evenly assign sales territories. Or portion out different territories for real estate purposes based on the number of houses or commercial locations for sale in those areas. These are just some of the ways you can use a territory tool. 


Customizing your online map is the best way to visualize and then analyze your data. However, not all mapping programs offer customization features. Therefore, what we’ve tried to do here is give you an overview of the most common customization tools for online maps. Hopefully, this will help you select the best mapping program for your purposes.

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