How To Create a Gmail Account: Step by Step Guide

Create a Gmail Account: Gmail is one of the most popular email services in the world. Most of the users are having their accounts over them. It is also one of the reliable emailing platforms developed by Google. As per the reports available, there are more than 2 billion Gmail active users available worldwide, and the number is still growing.

Are you also one of those thinking about stepping towards this platform? For this, you need to create a Gmail account. Here we are with the best help. Today we will be showing you how you can create a Gmail account in detail. With the help of this detailed step by step procedure, the Gmail Account creation procedure will definitely become hassle-free for you. So, let’s get started.

Step By Step Guide To Create a Gmail Account:

➤ First of all, go to the Chrome Browser and type Gmail in the search box.

➤ Within seconds you will see a search Engine Result page with Gmail link as:


➤ Click on “Google-Gmail”.

➤ A new screen will appear as:

Create gmail account

➤ Select and hit on the Create an Account tab.

➤ Again a window will appear in front of you as:

Fill out the boxes

➤ On this screen, you will be required to enter your First name, Last name.

➤ In the next line, you need to mention your username. (Remember the username must be unique. You can either use your own name or any enterprise name. In case the same username exists then Gmail will provide you some suggestions, you can choose from them accordingly.)

➤ After choosing the username, you need to choose a password for your Gmail account. 

➤ Try to choose a strong password. You can add Capital, small alphabets along with signs and numbers to make your password stronger and difficult to detect. It is a pro tip to make your Gmail account secure.

➤ After entering the Password, again re-enter it.

➤ Thereafter hit on the next tab. 

➤ A new screen will appear in front of you as:

Add mobile number

➤ Now, you need to enter the Phone Number.

➤ Thereafter, Gmail asks you to enter a recovery mail address. (It helps you in recovering your mail id or password if you forget the credentials) also, it helps in making your account more secure.

➤ In the next step, you need to enter your date of birth in DAY MONTH YEAR format.

➤ Select your gender.

➤ Again hit on the Next tab.

➤ A new screen appears along with a pop-up message as:

“Verifying your phone number

To make sure that this number is yours, Google will send you a text message with a 6-digit verification code. Standard rates apply”

➤ Approve it by clicking on the send tab. In this step, Gmail sends an OTP to your number so that the authentication of the user can be checked.

➤ Within seconds you will receive a code on your mobile number.

fill the code

➤ Here in the above seen tab, you need to enter the G-code.

➤ After entering the code you need to hit on the Verify tab.

➤ In case you do not receive the code then you can go for the Call instead option.

➤ Within seconds you will receive a call from Gmail. An automated voice will deliver your code. You need to listen to it and then mention it.

➤ After entering the code, you need to select and hit on the Verify tab.

➤ Thereafter you will be redirected towards a new screen having a box as:

Yes Im in

➤ Read the information and then choose, “Yes I am in” option.

➤ On the next screen, you will see the Privacy terms and conditions page.

➤ Read the given terms and conditions and then hit on the “I agree” tab.

➤ You can also read further details and choose from other options by choosing the More Options tab.

➤ Once you hit on the “I agree” tab, your Gmail account set up gets completed and you get redirected to the Gmail account page.

created gmail account

➤ In your inbox, you will get an automated mail from Google providing you some offers and options.

➤ You can check it out and get your apps. 

➤ Also, you will get more options like Customize your inbox, Customize your inbox, Change profile image, Import contacts, and emails, etc.

➤ You can personalize or customize your Gmail account according to your requirement by using the options.


Hence this was the detailed procedure that can help you out in setting up your Gmail account easily without having any sort of problems.  Also, in case if you ever forget your Gmail password then you can easily recover it just by using the recovery email address and the phone number. Just remember, you should be having your registered email id and phone number with you.

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