How To Connect JBL Speakers Together?

Connect JBL Speakers Together: JBL speakers always hit the top when a person wants to get the right speaker. The best part is taken connect two or more JBL speakers together with the help of a Bluetooth connection.

If you are having hundred JBL speakers available, you can simply connect them together. But make sure that the speakers must have the JBL Connect+ feature available.

Sometimes the problem arises with users when they are not aware of how to make the connections with the help of Bluetooth. They consider it to be rocket science, but this is not the truth at all. Connecting JBL speakers together is very easy with the help of Bluetooth.

Note: Before moving ahead to connect JBL speakers together, make sure to check out whether they have JBL connect + feature is integrated or not. In case any of the speakers are lacking this feature, you cannot connect it in synchronization with other speakers.

Connecting multiple JBL speakers together:

Let’s understand some simple steps which you need to follow to connect multiple JBL speakers together. These are as follows:-

#1. Primarily turn on all the JBL speakers available with you. Make sure all of the JBL speakers are turned on when you want to pair them up. In case any of them is turned off, you will not be able to make the pairing.

#2. After turning them on, connect them to the source. Either you want to connect them with your mobile or with your computer, iPad, laptop, or any other device, use Bluetooth and connect them. Connect all of them with the same device. Make sure the device is sufficient to connect all the speakers available.

#3. Now play the audio from the source. When the speakers are connected with the source, play the audio, and this will play from one JBL speaker only.

#4. Now look for the connect button right there on the JBL speaker from which the sound is coming, and you need to press it for a while.

#5. Now look for connecting button on other JBL speakers available, and on all the JBL speakers, you need to press for a while to establish the connection.

Congratulations, the speakers are connected with each other, and now you can enjoy the louder sound and more bass in your surroundings.

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Why do people consider JBL speakers a lot?

The major reason which led users to consider the JBL speaker is the sound quality and other features integrated into it. By joining at least two or more JBL speakers together, users can enjoy louder and stereo sound along with more bass. If you are organizing any outdoor big party having the JBL speaker will be the icing on the cake because you will not face any interruption or lack of sound at the venue. Not only for parties but for home purposes as well, the JBL speakers are must-tries to consider.

JBL Connect app is also there, which allows users to connect multiple JBL speakers together. All you need to do is understand how to use the application and how to connect them together.

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Is it possible to connect JBL flip and JBL charge speakers together?

Yes, users can pair JBL Flip and they will charge speakers together, and the reason being is because of JBL connect feature there in it. If the JBL feature was not there, establishing a connection will be difficult to do.

What are the steps I need to follow for disconnecting one JBL speaker when multiple devices are connected together?

Two ways are there through which a user can disconnect the JBL speaker that is connected with multiple speakers in synchrony. At that moment either you can turn off the speaker or pressed the connect button for a while. The best part is with this method, only the single speaker will get disconnected, and the other one will continue working as they were doing.

What if among four JBL speaker one is not a having JBL Connect + feature. Can I be able to connect them together still?

If any of the speakers are lacking, but JBL Connect + feature when you want to put them in synchrony, it will be difficult for you to connect with them. The speakers having the feature will get connected together, and the other one will not.


Here we have come to an end and shared how you can connect JBL speakers together. In case there is any problem with assisting, do let us know because brings out all the latest updates for you so that dealing with present Technology will be easy for you. Just make sure you are paying attention to all the features and right steps to make it an easy-to-go option for you.

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