How To Clear Instagram Search History on PC and Mobile App? All Explained

Clear Instagram Search History on PC and Mobile App: Likewise, other websites, search engines, applications record search history from the user to know their search preferences and interests to serve them better and easily found the searches which the user searched before it to improve user-friendliness and help the user.

The social media platforms also record searches to make them more convenient the platform. But when we don’t want to record our search history the option available to us is an incognito mode which is mostly available in search engines.

When we go for other platforms the option available to us is to delete/clear the search history. So in this blog, we learn how to clear the search history of a well-known social media platform called INSTAGRAM.  

Instagram is a very popular Social Media Platform which we use also for creating our presence and interaction. But sometimes we are not able to solve minor issues such as how to delete our search history. For whatever we search for hashtags, accounts, and many more our Instagram records the search. If we are searching for one of our friends’ accounts a lot of users’ accounts will appear. But when we find our friend the others appear useless so remove this search by deleting the search history.

Now let’s understand how search appears, whatever we type in the search box the Instagram saves to know the user’s interests and preferences to serve better and related suggestions. But sometimes we irritate or do not want to see the suggestions offered by Instagram. So how to delete the search history let’s learn this step by step.

First, we learn to delete the search history on the mobile app

STEP 1: Open the Instagram app and log in to the account.

STEP 2: Now when the screen appears. Click on the PROFILE Icon.


STEP 3: Now click on the 3 lines that appear at the top of the right corner, then go to the settings option.

3 lines


STEP 4: When the Setting’s tab opens some options you see from that choose the SECURITY Option.


STEP 5: Now after clicking on security a tab will appear and you have to click on search history.

search history

STEP 6: Here the search history will appear now you can delete your search history

STEP 7: After clicking on the CLEAR ALL option a confirmation dialog box will open. Click on clear all to delete all searches also you can delete the search as per your choice.


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Now we learn to delete the search history of Instagram on PC

STEP 1: Go to and open your account in it.

STEP 2: Go to the Profile icon. A Tab will open the choose settings option from it.

STEP 3: After the SETTINGS Tab will open click on PRIVACY AND SECURITY.

STEP 4: When the new tab of PRIVACY AND SECURITY will open scroll down and you will find an option ACCOUNT DATA below this click on the blue line VIEW ACCOUNT DATA.

STEP 5: After this scroll down and you will find the SEARCH HISTORY OPTION in the ACCOUNT ACTIVITY section. Click on the view all option. 

STEP 6: Now the SEARCH HISTORY will appear to click on CLEAR ALL to delete the search history.

So in this way you can delete the search history of Instagram on both PC and on an APP.

Even after doing this some of the accounts also appear on your suggestion logout and log in again.

You can also remove it from the suggestion list by simply clicking on the X cross button.

If you want to delete more or permanently and go to the FILE MANAGER – INTERNAL STORAGE – ANDROID – DATA – INSTAGRAM app folder – and delete the CACHE folder in it. But by doing this you may lose your password and account info so you have to login again.

So these are the ways in which you can delete the Instagram search history on both Mobile App and on a PC. The purpose of the blog is to guide the user step by step to delete the search history in an easy way and get rid out of unwanted or irritative suggestions.

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