How To Cancel HelloFresh Subscription? Step-by-Step

This article will teach you how to cancel HelloFressh subscription easily.

HelloFresh is a very popular and famous meal kit delivery service, providing all households with pre-portioned ingredients and chef-tested recipes with the effort to make meal prep easier. In hello fresh you can select the option through this, you can choose from a section that has over 20 meal options each week.

HelloFresh will deliver three to five meals per week according to your plan. All meals come in a cool and insulated box that’ll keep your food fresh. The Plans are adjusted according to your household’s needs, and you can even skip a week or adjust your delivery time schedule.

If you’ve decided that the service isn’t for you, then you can cancel the service at any time. In this article, we are going to discuss the steps to cancel the hello fresh subscription.

How do you cancel HelloFresh subscription?

cancel HelloFresh subscription

You just need to follow these steps:

  1. First Log in to your HelloFresh account.
  2. Then click on your name at the top page of the screen, and then you need to  select ‘Account Settings
  3. Select the subscription which you want to cancel from the given tabs and click on it. If you select more than one order then you need to cancel them separately.
  4. Now, click on the ‘Cancel my subscription‘ option at the bottom right bottom.
  5. Keep in mind that you can also switch it by weekly or do subscription is now deactivated”, then click close to confirm
  6. Finally, you will receive an email confirmation that your subscription is successfully canceled now. 

Remember that to Stop the subscription is easy but you cannot skip or stop your deliveries by midnight or next week before your next delivery is due. 

And don’t be forgotten that it is a self-managed subscription service so it means you are able to skip weeks if you don’t want to receive any weekly deliveries.

HelloFresh plans require little and less commitment and easily canceling option plans. You can also skip a week at any time.

You can also cancel your subscription over the phone, call: 1-800-733-2414
Email [email protected]

Is there any Auto-Renewal option on HelloFresh Subscription?

The subscription is renewed every month automatically on hello fresh if you can not cancel it then the company will decide to cancel it by itself.

When you want to cancel your subscription, always remember and make sure that you do that before the day and time listed above for your respective delivery date.

If you miss the deadline and forget to cancel the subscription then your account will be charged for an additional week. 

How does Hello fresh work?

How does Hello fresh work
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When you sign in on HelloFresh, then you have to select a plan according to your family size household plan and select the number of meals you want to be delivered each week.

Before ordering the recipe you just have to check the list which is available on the ingredient list. Every recipe has its own maker ingredients that are available for all kinds of people. 

Just only pick the plan once, HelloFresh will begin to send meals to your home. The great thing about this plan subscription is that it is flexible and you can change it, skip a week, or cancel it altogether at any time according to your need.

The company delivers your respective plan between the given schedule timing but if you’re not home due to some reasons, you can add a special delivery note into your account. 

So that your food won’t spoil and waste and you can grab it immediately since HelloFresh packs everything with recyclable gel ice packs.

Point to be Consider before doing cancel the subscription

Once you subscribe to the plan and you don’t cancel it manually as you subscribed, that plan will renew automatically because you gave them permission.

When you subscribe for a trial period and then cancel immediately, then you run the risk of losing that trial content altogether.

You should remember to cancel the subscription within 24 hours before the trial period ends. If it is canceled within this given period then you do need to cancel the subscription again. 

HelloFresh Services

HelloFresh is a subscription service that gives you the facilities to subscribe to your service as an automatic, recurring, or weekly subscription to HelloFresh Products.

After subscribing to the hello fresh each week you will receive a package from HelloFresh Meal Box, according to the contents of your chosen Plan with a specific number and type of Meal Kits. 

You can find many specific details according to your Plan and the HelloFresh Service can access your account details through the Site or the App. 

Pros and Cons of HelloFresh


  • Get groceries delivery and recipes directly at your door
  • It offers you a variety of flavorful recipe and easy-to-prepare meals
  • Option available for a special recipe including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and reduced the calorie meal plans
  • Price is literally less than the other expensive competitors.


  • Maybe it is not convenient that meal delivery services are good in online services.
  • No, especially meal options are available like gluten or allergen-free.
  • For the sticker diets, no plans are available.
  • Always take the fee per box shipping delivery.


In this article, you know very well how you can cancel the subscription manually. If you think that you don’t like the services now and do not want to take any kind of meal from Hellofresh for this reason, they provide the cancellation feature to cancel and stop the subscription.

Cancellation of subscription is a good option if you know the convenience of a meal kit and enjoy cooking but are still on budget.

This article is helpful for the HelloFresh ideal people for your household if they are not following a specialized diet and want to cancel the subscription option. I hope this article will help you to cancel your hello fresh subscription easily by following the above-given steps.

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