How Do I Get a Google AdWords Promotional Code?

Here, you will learn how to Get a Google AdWords Promotional Code.

What are the Promotional Codes?

Promotional codes are given out by many e-commerce websites and sellers. These codes give you access to numerous offers that you can avail yourself upon buying something from the respective shop. It is a marketing strategy to draw more customers. But to be honest, all of us really love promo codes, who doesn’t like discounts? So through the medium of this article, today we’re going to tell you How do I get a Google AdWords promotional code?

What is Google AdWords Promo Codes?

Firstly let’s understand what a Google Adword promo code actually is. In simple words, the Google AdWords promo code is a promotional code that fetches you free credit in your ads account. The main purpose of Google ads promo code is to encourage more and more people to advertise their products and services on Google.

However, promo codes are given out only to consumers who have earlier spent a minimum amount from their account. This is just to ensure that only genuine and serious people get promotional codes.

How do you get Google AdWords Promotional Codes?

Now that we know, Google AdWords promo codes are so beneficial and can fetch you free credit you must be wondering, how to get these promo codes?

Google doesn’t support its users to directly demand a pro code. So you can definitely not request a promo code directly. Google and its other partners give out Google promo codes to its users as a part of special offers Google and its partners could send the promotional codes to you either through email or through postal mail. Most of the offers available generally require you to meet certain criteria. For example, an offer may require you to have spent a minimum amount on advertising earlier. Only if the criteria are met then, a person could avail of credit from these promo codes.

Once you’ve availed a promo code from a particular email id then Google Adwords does not facilitate you to avail of another promo code from the same email id.

You can check out the requirements for availing of the code and decide if you could be a beneficiary from a given code. Most of the time Google only gives out promo codes to account holders whose account is not older than 21 days. This is mostly done to grab the interest of the new advertisers and encourage them to advertise more on Google.

If you are a lucky one and you’ve availed a Google AdWords promo code then we suggest you go through the “terms and conditions“. Many times the terms and conditions contain very important information and are necessary to be read. Let us give you an example, a point in the “terms and conditions” may state that the beneficiary is required to spend a minimum of $100 to avail a benefit of $200. Well, this is just an example to give you a clearer picture.

Where can you enter the Google AdWords Promo Code?

Once you’ve received a promo code from Google AdWords then you must find the promotional codes management option on your screen. You can follow the steps given below to enter the promo code.

  • You will see an option “tools and settings” on the top left corner of your Google AdWords screen. You are supposed to click the option.
  • Another menu appears on your computer screen. You are then required to click “billing settings” under the billing section.
  • Then you’ve reached your destination as you will see the promotional codes option on your computer screen. Select the promotional code option to proceed further.
  • Another screen appears wherein you should enter your 15 digit promo code. Make sure you enter it correctly without any mistakes in it including all the letters capitalized and hyphens, dashes, and other special characters.
  • Then Google AdWords displays the current status of the promo code which you have entered. It would tell you whether the code has been redeemed, active, or expired.

After you have used a promo code you will not instantly receive another promo code. Google Adwords generally give out promo codes if you often advertise on Google and after a minimum wait time. Hence you must wait for a specific amount of time before availing of another promo code.

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Can ads be used once you have redeemed the promo code?

This is often a query among advertisers and is not very clear to the advertisers. Well, the answer to this depends on the payment method you are using.

If you’re using an automated method of payment then your advertisement will continue to be active even after the expiry of your promo code.

However, if you are using a manual method of payment then your advertisement will stop running once your promo code has expired.

Where can you see the Google Adwords credit obtained due to promo codes?

Generally, once a promo code has been availed it may take around 3-5 business dates for your account to be credited with the money. The amount will be credited only after, it is checked that your account meets all the requirements as listed in the terms and conditions. You can see your credit in two places.

The transactions page – you can open up the transactions page under the tools and setting options. Once you open up the transactions page you can see all the debit and credit from your account. You can verify if the promo code amount has been credited to your account or not.

On the promotions page – you can visit the promotions page which lies in the tools and settings dropdown menu. On this page, you can see all the promo codes which you’ve availed of earlier.

What If your promo code doesn’t work?

Often, upon entering the promo code it says promo code invalid. This may cause panic to the beneficiary of the promo code. However what is the reason? Why does it say that the code is invalid?

There may be 2 reasons for this

  1. The promo code number which you’ve inputted is wrong, you’ve made a mistake and you can check again and rectify.
  2. The promo code you have has already expired earlier and cannot be availed anymore.

Can you avail of a promo code if you are not present in your country?

Google Adwords does not allow its advertisers to avail promo codes from any country of their choice. For availing a promo code it is required for you to be present at your billing address. For example, if you Bill a promo code at your residence in the United States of America then you can not redeem the code at a place in Canada. Google AdWords does not permit or facilitate this.

You have closed down your Google Adwords account, can you encash the leftover codes to get the money?

No, Google Adwords gives promotional codes only to promote the new advertisers to put up more advertisements on Google Adwords. So the promotional codes can provide the credit only for the purpose of putting up advertisements and if you ever decide to delete your Google Adwords account then you cannot encash the promo codes or expect any refund from Google. However, you can use up your credit by making other payments from your Google Adwords account and prevent your credit from being wasted.


We have briefed you all about Google AdWords and also told you how to get the free promo codes. Now it’s in your hands, go on and grab the best deals in the market!

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