How To Use Putlocker Safely?

Putlocker isn’t safe until you do exactly what you’re going to learn in this article when using it. So, here you will know about how to use Putlocker Safely.

Are you a streaming lover?

Do you enjoy streaming the hottest films and TV series

If so then Putlocker is your darling.

However, since most of the content featured on the website is pirated it’s important to learn how to use Putlocker safely.

Besides, you should find out whether it’s legal to use the platform in your country. But don’t worry because you can still stream your favorite TV series and films without a problem even if the website is restricted in your country.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to use Putlocker safely.

We will also answer some of the most frequently asked questions like:

  • What is Putlocker?
  • Is Putlocker safe to use?
  • Is using Putlocker legal?
  • What kind of movies can I watch on Putlocker?

So without further ado, let’s get rolling.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is an online streaming website or platform from the UK that features movies, films, and TV series that are indexed to allow streamers to find their favorite content easily and for FREE.

The website has faced a lot of criticism ever since it was launched. In fact, in 2016, the UK high court shut it down after it received millions of traffic.

To avoid another shutdown, Putlocker resumed operations under Mirror websites that feature the same contents and services as the original platform.

The reality is that using Putlocker can be risky because you might expose your data to cybercriminals.

Thankfully, there are many safety measures you can apply to stream content on Putlocker securely as you’re going to learn here in this article.

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How Putlocker Differs From Netflix and Other Streaming Websites

Unlike other streaming platforms, Putlocker allows users to stream content (TV series, films, etc.) for FREE.

The good thing about Netflix and others platforms that have subscription charges is that they don’t bombard you with annoying ads. Besides, they pay for the rights to all the content they feature.

On the other hand, Putlocker doesn’t pay for the rights of the content it features and doesn’t have subscription charges.

The platform uses ads to keep its website up and running. You can expect to come across ads that play before your content. 

The good news is that you can always block the ads while you enjoy your favorite TV show or film.

Keep reading to learn more.

Is Using Putlocker Legal?

Whether Putlocker is legal or not depends on the country you’re using it from. For instance, in some countries like Switzerland, Canada, and many others, streaming pirated content is illegal but hosting pirated content is illegal.

Remember that Putlocker is an indexing platform that features content but doesn’t host it.

So it can be illegal in some countries but legal in others.

That’s why it’s recommended to use a tool that can mask your internet presence while using Putlocker.

If you have enough protection to mask your true identity online, you can access Putlocker no matter the country you’re stationed in.

Is Putlocker Safe?

Putlocker isn’t safe until you apply the following rules: 

  • Ignore the pop-up ads.
  • Steer clear of links that redirect you to another website- they happen quite often so you must be careful.
  • Just stream and don’t download any content.

If you follow these rules, you will use Putlocker safely.

Remember that sometimes the forced redirects happen due to accidental clicks you make. They can download malicious programs into your system without your knowledge.

Since it’s not even clear who hosts the platform, it’s always recommended to learn how to use it safely.

What Kind Of Content Can I Watch On Putlocker?

There are thousands of different types of content indexed into different categories to allow users to access them easily.

For instance, movie lovers can access over 5,000 movies of different genres like sci-fi, thriller, comedy, and more.

If you love TV series, Putlocker features American Idol, Project Runway, and many other recent seasons.

The platform also features movies from different countries such as Korea, France, India, etc.

You can also securely save the movies and TV shows to your device and enjoy them later.

That said, let’s get into the meat of this article:

How to Use Putlocker Safely

Putlocker allows you to search through thousands of TV series, movies for free.

You just need to search for your favorite movie, click on it and wait for the movie to load then click play and enjoy.

However, as stated earlier, accessing the website can be a bit tricky if your country doesn’t allow movie streaming. Besides, the pop-up ads can download malicious software without your knowledge and harm your system.

Follow these rules to learn how to use Putlocker securely.

Use powerful anti-virus software

Perhaps we shouldn’t remind you but the internet isn’t safe.

Yes, you heard that well.

If you’re not using any anti-virus software then you better get one now.

If you want to do anything safe online, you must have a good anti-virus program.

While most operating systems come with a pre-installed anti-virus program, you shouldn’t rely on it 100%. Find a proper program that guarantees your online safety.

Install an ad-blocker

As stated earlier unlike other streaming websites that have subscription charges, Putlocker allows users to stream content for free. The website runs ads to monetize the content.

That means that you’re going to encounter annoying ads when searching or watching your favorite movie or TV show.

You can navigate around the annoying ads by installing an ad-blocker on your browser.

This will keep the pop-up ads from showing up.

Refrain yourself from using mobile browsers

Mobile browsers are secure but their security cannot be compared to that of desktop-based web browsers. This is because desktop-based web browsers have some other security extensions installed.

Install a tracker blocker

This you better know. No matter how you try to play safely while using the internet, you’re being tracked without your knowledge. This applies to any other website you might be using.

However, you can keep your identity and online activities secure by installing a tracker blocker.

Mask your online activities with a VPN

Another way to stream content on Putlocker safely is to use a VPN.

Generally, a VPN routes your data through a secure server and encrypts all your traffic.

It masks your network, system, location, and IP address. This means that no one else can detect or trace your online activities apart from yourself.

A VPN will allow you to stream as much content as you want with the speed you want and without worrying about getting tracked by authorities and government agencies.

That’s how to use Putlocker safely.

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