In recent years the same acceleration in ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft has gained popularity with App-based food service. Today’s world is more instant and mobile than we could imagine ten years ago.

In comparison to traditional restaurants, the growth of the fast-food industry has brought comfort and affordability. What was newly comfortable ten years ago may be seen today as a problem, and food supply apps from third parties try to challenge this.

Uber Eats grew in popularity as a result of its ridesharing service, but there are many other similar apps, including Grubhub and DoorDash, which are both growing in popularity. However, each of these food delivery services is presented by a very different set of features and apps.

DoorDash began operations in 2013 and now serves over 300,000 local and chain restaurants in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Customers can order food from restaurants, grocery stores, and even get necessities from convenience stores using DoorDash.

Grubhub began in 2004 as a replacement for traditional paper menus. Grubhub merged with Seamless, a food delivery service, in 2013, and now operates in all 50 states, serving over 200,000 restaurants.

Grubhub currently processes over 516,000 orders per day and has paid out over $3 billion in tips to drivers. It’s a restaurant delivery service that can be ordered on the spot.

We will compare Grubhub against DoorDash in this article to determine who is easiest for you to use of those two popular food service providers.

1. Grubhub Vs DoorDash Availablity

You won’t have trouble getting to dozens of restaurants via Grubhub and DoorDash if you’re in one major US city. You may fight, especially with DoorDash, if you are not.

In January 2019, the service area of Grubhub reached access in all 50 states but is much broader. Over 300,000 restaurants (155,000 partnered) in over 3,200 American cities can be found on Grubhub’s official website. It is also available in London outside the United States.

Whereas DoorDash is dwarfed, it can be found in major US and Canadian locations.

Because of many more years in the industry and a significantly greater market share, Grubhub is much more accessible throughout the United States.

2. Grubhub Vs DoorDash Costs

Fees are the biggest downside of the Grubhub or DoorDash service. You have to pay a service charge, a delivery charge and a tip for such applications. With DoorDash, you pay both DoorDash and the restaurant of which you order more often than not a service charge.

Grubhub does not usually include restaurant service charges but requires minimum order quantities more often. Both services allow the entering of a customized tip if the predefined ranges are unhelpful.

Grubhub offers a more competitive price than DoorDash with a higher number of national partners. Grubhub offers a wider selection of special offers as well.

You can find multiple free delivery and cash-off offers on the Perks page of the Grubhub app. You can also make additional rewards by spending a minimum amount on eligible restaurants if you switch from the Redeem to Earn tab.

DoorDash also offers special offers routinely, with a $0 delivery on first order or the order of over €10 in many of its feature restaurants. But Grubhub’s savings are increased in the long run.

In terms of costs and charges, it’s mainly a question of which restaurants you prefer and how each app will be used.

3. Grubhub Vs DoorDash Subscription

Grubhub finally launched a subscription service in February this year to compete directly with DoorDash. Grubhub+ delivers 10% of cashback and unlimited deliveries. The trial comes free of charge for 14 days and will take place at 9.99$/month later.

The DashPass from DoorDash has been around for a considerable amount of time and offers $10 or more for free delivery. Their free trial at 30 days is twice the length.

Both services are only available at certain restaurants for free delivery. With a much broader selection of restaurants, Grubhub+ will provide you with more miles. Grubhub+ is particularly good when you are not a debit cardholder in the cash app, and you cannot unlock DoorDash Boost 10% off. 10% off. Alternatively, both services are almost identical.

Thanks to more advantages and free restaurants, Grubhub shines.

4. Grubhub Vs DoorDash Usability

It’s also available on iOS and Android, as well as Grubhub and DoorDash, so it’s comparable. The user interface of DoorDash, on the other hand, is far superior to that of Grubhub.

Promotions and special offers from DoorDash are carefully organized at the top of the app’s home screen. When you open your DoorDash app, you’ll be able to quickly access your favourite restaurants, DoorDash’s national partners, free delivery offers, and more.

The Grubhub app also displays your favorites, partners, and promotions, but they are less accessible after you open the app—you must check the list of restaurants in a more fragmented manner.

The My Grubhub screen, on the other hand, gives you a consolidated view of your restaurants, deals, and much more. The issue is that most people automatically assume this page is about their account information.

DoorDash also outperforms the competition in terms of functionality thanks to group orders. You can send a link to a friend who has the app installed so that they can participate in a group order with you.

With this friend, you can add your items to the order individually, and DoorDash occasionally offers coupons and special promotions for group orders. When the request is made, all members of the group order will be able to see the delivery status and map.

DoorDash app feels better than grub hubs polished and more intuitive. DoorDash is the choice if we had to choose one of these services based on application design alone.

5. Grubhub Vs Doordash Driver’s Payout

Grubhub takes the following into account when calculating driver’s pay:

  • Distance travelled for pick-up and drop-off
  • The total distance travelled
  • The time spent driving and waiting

Demand for drivers, location, and ease of delivery are all variables that vary by market. Drivers also get to keep 100% of the money they earn from tips.

DoorDash pays through the Dasher Pay Model, which consists of Base Pay + Promotions + Tips,  used to compensate drivers. The tips that DoorDash drivers receive are also kept in full.

Time, distance, and earnings are used to calculate Base Pay, which ranges from $2 to $10. Promotions provide you with several opportunities to increase your earnings, including:

1- Peak Pay: When they drive during busier hours, they earn $1-$4 more per delivery, and a Peak Pay alert will appear in the app.

2- Challenges: DoorDash pays drivers if they deliver a certain number of orders in a certain amount of time. Challenges will appear in the app and can use them in conjunction with Peak Pay.

3- Drive: Although this is less common, completing larger orders can earn more money.

Before tips, DoorDash drivers earn around $12-$15 per hour, while GrubHub drivers earn around $12-$13 per hour.


It’s difficult to choose between DoorDash and Grubhub because both are popular delivery services that provide a flexible way to earn money.

In short, if you have a debit card from the Cash App, Grubhub is more frequently available than DoorDash, and Grubhub + is a better deal overall than DashPass. When it comes to user-friendliness and features, however, the DoorDash app looks and feels a lot better. This rivalry between the two services is good for both of them.

For more updates like this, stay tuned with us at and we will bring out all the details for all our valuable peeps.

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